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under the new situation of deepening reformation in an all-round way, in order to build a comprehensive large-scale enterprise group with world-wide influence, shougang has created a brand-new capital operation platform, adhered to the combination of production and finance, strengthened capital management, applied financial policies, innovated financial products, and assisted iron and steel and urban comprehensive service providers in laying equal stress in the two leading industries and coordinated development.

shougang has abundant financial resources. in 1992, shougang solely owned the founding of the huaxia bank. now it has grown into a national joint-stock commercial bank. shougang has always maintained the status of the largest shareholder. a wholly-owned investment holding company registered in hong kong shall be first controlled in hong kong, making full use of the environmental advantages of hong kong's capital market, and relying on wholly-owned and controlled listed companies to further cultivate the capital market.

beijing shougang fund co., ltd. was established in december 2014 as a platform for industrial investment and operation of the group. shougang fund company actively carries out the concept of combining industry with finance and serves the real economy, and gradually develops into a new industry investment holding platform based on the core industry of "financing-investment-operation" integration. focus on the supply chain and finance, consumption upgrading focusing on medical and health care, sports and entertainment, infrastructure focusing on parking, smart city and other industries. at present, the company manages 15 funds with a total scale of 48 billion yuan.

beijing vstartup investment development co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as vstartup) is a city renewal service provider under shougang fund. it focuses on the transformation and operation of urban stock assets, activate urban space with the ecological operation mode of "fund base industry chain service", helps small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises to realize their entrepreneurial dream, and obtains national public space, national incubator, national youth entrepreneurship demonstration park and youth entrepreneurship and employment demonstration point across the taiwan straits, top10 of the china venture best public space in 2016, the first sgs certification of iso entrepreneurship service standardization system in china and other honorary titles.

shougang group finance co., ltd. was established in september 2015. as a comprehensive financial service platform of the group, it is a non-bank financial institution with independent legal personality. the company upholds the tenet of " relying on group, depending on service, promoting transformation, giving full play to leadership, compliance management and steady development", aims at strengthening the centralized management of group funds and improving the efficiency of fund utilization, and takes compliance management and steady development as the criterion to construct the group's "fund collection platform, fund settlement platform, fund monitoring platform, financial service platform" to boost the group's integration of industry and finance and transformation development. by the end of 2018, the total assets were 40.058 billion yuan.

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