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beijing shougang funds co., ltd.

supported by the beijing municipal government, beijing shougang funds co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary set up by the shougang group with a registered capital of rmb 10 billion. it has two fund management companies (beijing west fund and beijing-hebei capital) and four business units (beijing west factoring, beijing west capital, leading fair and vstartup) under its control. its core business is composed of fof, equity investment, real estate funds, ppp funds, development credit and incubator business. beijing shougang fund co., ltd. is devoted to providing customers with diversified financial services. at present, the company manages 11 funds with a management scale of rmb 48 billion, and focuses on the seven major industrial fields of new finance, medical care for the aged, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy vehicles, enterprise services, culture and sports, and artificial intelligence.

company tenets:

acting as an active investor to carry out strategic investment for the deepening reform of state-owned enterprises so as to activate the development force of state-owned enterprises;

focusing on future organization, providing system solutions for the comprehensive city service field and striving for the benefit of society;

acting as a widely-trusted asset manager to provide integrated services for the maintenance and appreciation of asset value, and stepping forward hand in hand with regional enterprises.  

company vision:

devoted to becoming china’s top manager of merger industrial funds in the subdivision field and superior government funds.

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