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shougang qinhuangdao park

in 2018, shougang group served qinhuangdao city to build an international tourist city under the background of the coordinated development of beijing, tianjin and hebei. the group comprehensively upgraded and transformed qinhuangdao shouqin metal materials co., ltd. (referred to as shouqin company), a wholly-owned subsidiary, and built the project of “qinhuangdao shouqin racing valley” by using the factory area of shouqin company.

the “qinhuangdao shougang racing valley” project is based on the original 2.4 square kilometers of steel plant area of shouqin company, with the layout of six functional plates, namely automobile sports, automobile rear market, industrial site park, automobile scientific research, entertainment and vacation camp and industry supporting. the total planned area is 8.13 square kilometers and the planned investment is 10 billion yuan.

the first phase of the start-up project, the “international secondary standard track”, began in june 2018. it is a street race track with the original road in the iron and steel factory as the main body. the track, with a total length of 3.8 kilometers and 17 bends, is designed to withstand a top speed of 272.6 km / h. it is the 12th international standard track in china and the only street race track in hebei province. the first phase of the track project was completed in october 2018, and the “2018 beijing-tianjin-hebei racing festival and qinhuangdao gt carnival” and “china truck open competition at qinhuangdao station” and other events were successfully held.

in 2019, we will focus on the construction of karting world,comprehensive show field (including car stunt performances), supporting commerce landscape gallery, central axis landscape, talent apartment, sightseeing train and wisdom park and other projects.

shougang racing valley project takes automobile sports as the engine, focuses on the whole industrial chain of high-performance cars, and builds the automobile sports culture center of northeast asia. the rapid progress of the project will effectively enhance the attractiveness and influence of qinhuangdao area and promote the construction and development of international tourist cities. once it is completed, it will provide nearly 15,000 jobs (3,000 jobs in the early stage), with an annual operating income of about 10 billion yuan.

[background of the park] qinhuangdao shouqin metal material co., ltd. (shouqin company) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of shougang group, established in 2003. it used to be an iron and steel joint enterprise with an annual output of 2.5 million tons of iron, 2.6 million tons of steel and 1.8 million tons of wide and thick plates, with the sales revenue of 7.7 billion yuan in 2017.

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