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covering an area of 8.63 km2 at the intersection of the west extension line of chang’an street and the green ecological corridor of yongding river, new shougang high-end industry comprehensive service area (”shougang park”) has unique advantages in terms of its geographical location, space resources, historic culture and ecological environment. in the new urban master plan of beijing, new shougang area will become a demonstration area for the green transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, a high-end industrial innovation highland in western beijing and a post-industrial culture and sports creative base in the future.

shougang park enjoys convenient transportation conditions. lianshi road and fushi road in the north and south of the park run through the 5th and 6th ring roads, and are connected with beijing’s urban expressway system. the first magnetic suspension line s1 in beijing passes through the north of the park. on september 29th, 2019, the new shougang bridge was opened, the west extension line of chang’an street passed through the park and the central urban area became more closely connected with the western ecological conservation area. on december 31st, 2021, the west section of metro line 11 (olympic winter games branch line) was put into trial operation. people can now walk directly from beixin’an station and new shougang station to big air shougang.

in november 2017, the “detailed planning of new shougang high-end industry comprehensive service area north area” (shougang park north area) was officially approved by the beijing municipal planning and land resources management committee. this planning achievement has reached the advanced level in the world, winning the “international excellent planning award”, “green building pioneer award” and “chinese habitat environment prize”, first prize at the national excellent urban and rural planning and design awards (urban planning category), and 2018 international urban and regional planning excellence awards, and the excellence award of the 2019 environmental building awards (research and planning category). in 2020, the detailed controlled planning of new shougang high-end industry comprehensive service area south area (block level) was approved.

shougang park was included in the first batch of pilot areas for the transformation of old industrial areas in urban areas in china, national pilot areas for the comprehensive reform of the service industry, national sustainable development pilot areas, zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration areas, national smart city pilot areas and beijing green ecological demonstration areas. it is the first c40 positive climate model area in china. the official entry of the beijing organizing committee for the 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games in 2016 was a milestone in the development of shougang park. in the past six years, shougang park has made breakthroughs in urban renewal with its olympics projects, seized the opportunity of the winter olympic games, focused on “cultural, industrial, ecological and vitality rejuvenation”, and promoted the comprehensive completion of new shougang area’s “three-year action plan”. its infrastructure carrying capacity and environmental quality have significantly improved, high-end elements have quickly gathered and innovation vitality has been initially released. the construction of new landmarks for urban rejuvenation has achieved initial results and positive social responses. shougang park has become a classic case of urban renewal driven by the olympic movement in the world.

in terms of space construction, shougang park started construction in a large area and was finally completed and accepted. winter olympics square, industrial heritage park and shijingshan cultural landscape area were all completed before the winter olympic games, and the mountain/water/olympics/industrial heritage characteristic landscape system was basically formed. a number of olympic-related venues such as big air shougang, shougang park national winter sports training center and the four centers (moc, toc, otc and eoc) were built and put into use. beijing winter olympic park was successfully unveiled. a new exhibition hall of 94,000 m2 was added to the green axis area of the industrial site. the oxygen plant, liugonghui and jin’anqiao areas were completed as a whole. beijing shougang garden shangri-la hotel was opened. “two stops and one section” met the conditions of subway travel. roads, landscapes, greening, etc. all met the conditions for guaranteeing services for important activities and displaying shougang’s image.

in terms of investment attraction and operation, shougang park has connected enterprises and institutions, followed up on key projects and settled contracts for projects including sky limit entertainment, tencent technology, asia pacific wenjing financial group and mcdonald’s flagship store. it handled the pre-sale permit for the lunar exploration project, signed letters of intent for subscription and pre-sale agreements, signed a memorandum of cooperation for the huaxia bank project, signed a cooperation framework agreement and strategic cooperation agreement for the jardine matheson project, and approved the regulatory planning of block 1609. it focused on the entry of technology , sports , tencent content business group, baidu intelligent driving, winter olympic cloud broadcasting company, lunar exploration project r&d, international exchange center and more. shangri-la hotel, xiuchi hotel, gongshe hotel, shougang extreme park, ireading, museum of regeneration hall, liaocang art museum, starbucks, shang brew, suxiaoya, chagang’er, shougang dining hall, etc. highlight the charm and vitality of the park. more than 200 activities such as the china science fiction conference, mercedes-benz auto press conference, beijing fashion week, btv new year’s eve party, 2021 olympic expo and beijing consumption season launch ceremony have been successfully held in the blast furnace no. 3 area, and the brand influence of the global launch center continues to increase.

in terms of the industrial ecology, shougang park continues to promote the docking of major cooperation projects, and has been named a municipal cultural industrial park, beijing sports industry demonstration base, intelligent networked automobile demonstration operation area, zhongguancun intelligent innovation application industrial park, beijing e-sports industry brand center, beijing game innovation experience zone and science fiction industry cluster district. it has accelerated the construction of the science fiction industry cluster district and metaverse innovation center, established the science fiction industry consortium and jointly set up the zhongguancun science fiction industry innovation center. guided by the winter olympic games of science and technology, 23 demonstration scenarios related to artificial intelligence in seven categories have been applied, and nine types of unmanned vehicles have entered the park for test runs, with a cumulative test mileage of 150,000 km. in fact, the first open operation of unmanned driving in china was achieved at shougang park.

in september 2021, the special exhibition of the china international fair for trade in services (ciftis) was successfully held in shougang park, which fully reflected the continuous support of beijing for the transformation and development of the new shougang area, and injected new vitality and kinetic energy into western beijing during the period of the 14th five-year plan. the introduction of ciftis is a new and important symbol of urban renewal, functional reengineering and the revival of traditional industrial areas. in february 2022, the freestyle skiing and snowboard jump events of the beijing 2022 winter olympic games were held at big air shougang. when chinese athletes gu ailing and su yiming won two gold medals, shougang park became the “blessing place of dual gold medals” for the chinese team and a hotspot for online celebrities around the world. in 2022, during the “two sessions” across china, general secretary xi jinping gave a speech in which he said, “the beijing winter olympic games are magnificent, and many aspects will be written into the annals of history. beijing is now the only dual olympic city. i heard someone ask, ‘was the ski jump held at a nuclear power station?’ they just don’t understand that this is a green transformation. we have transformed the steel industry into the sports industry.”

new shougang was born because of the summer olympic games and prospered because of the winter olympic games. centennial shougang seized the opportunity of the olympic games to achieve a gorgeous transformation, and was handed a new mission in the new era. new shougang has never been so full of vitality, confidence and passion as it is today. shougang park will plan for its post-winter olympics period, accelerate its rebirth, create a dynamic space and hotspot for future-facing development, young people and internationalization, become a new landmark for urban rejuvenation “facing the future together”, and show a new image and new achievements in the development of the capital in the new era.

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