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vstartup is a leading ecological operator in china, guiding startup services to develop towards the 3.0 era of startup resource sharing and integration, professional verticality and ecology multi-dimensionalism. adhering to the brand concept of ‘winning the dream and connecting success’, it has built a startup ecological system with a 3-tier architecture containing space, services and data, constructed the regional innovation ecosystem of ‘finance innovation project resources platform operation’ from which startup office, 37 apartment, water drop data, make yourself different and other sub-brands are derived, arranged the vertical incubator of such emerging industries as vr/ar, intelligent manufacturing, culture & entertainment, etc., and startup service providers including laws and media, so as to be devoted to providing one-stop startup solutions for entrepreneurs.

adhering to the operational principle of ‘policy market’ characteristics, vstartup introduces government and industrial resources to provide platform support for startup enterprises, and has become the national technology business incubator and demonstration site for national maker space and cross-strait youth employment & entrepreneurship, zhongguancun innovation-type incubator, first batch of maker spaces of beijing, startup base for taiwan youths of beijing, beijing zhongguancun eyas talent base, beijing financial platform of technology, first national tencent startup base, technology practice center for microsoft technology and ‘tin-base’ of 7tin vr.


through the relocation, updating and operational management of city stock real estate, vstartup achieves the revitalization of assets and the enhancement of value for the owners, and provides potential securitization and trading opportunities for stock real estate. so far, its operating area in beijing has reached 120,000m2, with its business layout covering beijing, harbin, changchun, qingdao, tianjin, xiamen and other places. more than 1,300 companies have established their offices, with 500,000 reserve customers; among the 97 eyas talent companies, 20 have a market value of more than rmb 100 million, with 5 companies purchased or merged.


the operation scale of vstartup has expanded 40 times over the last three years, and the value of its rapid development has been highly recognized in the capital market; in may 2013, it gained an angel investment from beijing west fund venture capital fund management co., ltd., a strategic investment from the zhongguancun equity trading services group in december 2014, and an a-round investment from the shougang fund, shunwei capital, western advantage capital and shunlong fund in december 2015, amounting to nearly rmb 100 million.

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