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shouyi healthcare approved as high-tech enterprise

release time:2023-06-15 12:58:25

recently, the office of the national leading group for the accreditation and management of high-tech enterprises issued the record list of the fourth batch of high-tech enterprises accredited by the beijing accreditation institution in 2022, in which shouyi healthcare was approved as a high-tech enterprise.

as the investment and operation platform of the shougang fund in the health industry, shouyi healthcare has 15 medical institutions with nearly 2 million outpatient and emergency visits per year. in recent years, based on the essence of medical care, shouyi healthcare has focused on the future, kept pace with the development trends of digitalization and intelligence, and given full play to the advantages of collectivized management. focusing on the strategy of "one shouyi cloud platform, one data center and one interconnected network", the company has intelligently empowered the whole process of the operation management, quality control management, clinical research, specialist services and patient services of its medical institutions. it has also constantly improved the quality and level of medical services, and gradually developed towards the standardization and intelligence of medical services, achieving remarkable results.

shouyi healthcare has implemented digital upgrades to its medical institutions. at present, the internal information system of its affiliated hospitals has been opened up, realizing information interconnection among hospitals. standardized and unified medical data resources have been gradually accumulated and gathered into the shouyi cloud platform, which is of great significance for hospital information security and data analysis-based lean management, and will further enhance the service ability, organization ability and operation and management efficiency of medical groups. peking university shougang hospital and shuigang hospital have been approved for the internet hospital business. especially during the covid-19 prevention and control period, the internet hospital business provided great convenience for the general public in seeking medical treatment, with over 550,000 registered users.

by promoting diagnosis related groups (drgs) payment and performance evaluation by the state, shouyi healthcare independently developed and launched the drgs disease management system, which is a management tool developed to help hospitals manage costs and improve efficiency, and a powerful starting point for promoting hospitals to fully implement refined operations and enhance their core competitiveness. currently, it has been launched in 28 key departments of shougang hospital and achieved positive results in clinical performance evaluation and payment management.

meanwhile, shouyi healthcare has focused on building a clinical research platform, vigorously supported its hospitals in conducting cutting-edge medical research, protected intellectual property rights and transformed the related achievements. clinical research has boosted discipline construction, while discipline construction has driven the development of the hospitals. fruitful results have been achieved: peking university shougang hospital was awarded by the national natural science foundation of china and other scientific research institutions, and published high-level research papers; the number of intellectual property rights such as national patents and software j9九游会真人游戏第一品牌 copyrights has continuously hit new highs; the hospital’s biological sample bank was granted an administrative license for the preservation of human genetic resources in china; the hospital has become affiliated with the vascular health research center of the peking university health science center and colorectal cancer and inflammatory disease accurate diagnosis and treatment research center; and its clinical trial specialty record is increasing year by year. in addition, shuigang hospital was approved as the first "national drug clinical trial institution qualification record" in liupanshui city in 2022, and its clinical trial capability has been continuously improved.

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