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yiming su returns to "blessed land, big air shougang" to launch "yi fund" of all-china sports foundation

release time:2023-04-03 12:59:54

on march 26th, snowboarder and youngest chinese winter olympics champion yiming su returned to big air shougang to officially launch the "yi fund", his personal special public welfare fund. meanwhile, the 2023 "superstar series" planned and hosted by the fund officially started its first skateboarding event.

yiming su's "yi fund" of the all-china sports foundation is committed to promoting the development of physical education among youths, supporting popular sports activities, providing a fair and inclusive public welfare platform, and helping more chinese teenagers to grow up healthily and pursue their dreams. meanwhile, through the development of its public welfare activities, the fund will expand communication efficiency, raise social attention, enhance the participation of people from all walks of life and strengthen simultaneous attention to the physical and mental health of teenagers.

as the first comprehensive youth sports event following the establishment of the "yi fund", the "superstar series" is dedicated to focusing on the new trend of extreme sports in the olympic games, including skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding, so as to create a series of events that are competitive, fashionable and beneficial to the public. it will not only help domestic cultural trend lovers to show their personality and charm, but also encourage young people to stimulate their potential, transcend their limits and realize their dreams through competitive sports. at the event site, the 2023 "superstar series" skateboarding competition kicked off with three events, namely the ollie long jump competition, line jam competition and big trick competition, attracting many excellent skaters in china to show their skills and grace.

"after a year, i’ve come back to the place where my dreams began. looking at big air behind me, which appeared in my dreams countless times, i feel greatly moved." for yiming su, big air shougang is a blessed place where he won his first gold medal in the winter olympics. he added, "every time i come back here, i have a very special feeling. it means a lot to me because i accomplished my biggest dream so far here, so i have many particularly unique and treasured memories here."

following the beijing winter olympics, big air shougang, as a precious landmark of winter olympic heritage, has been used sustainably. it has successively hosted the gu ailing charity run, beijing citizen orienteering race, 4th beijing roller skating open, beijing cross country bj60 static experience, shijingshan national fitness day, 2022 world children's day, "beijing - a global city" short video contest launch ceremony, 2022 sports cup beijing division 3×3 basketball competition and independent ip "shougang park ice and snow festival". these activities further consolidate the advantages of the "sports plus" industry in shougang park, create a shougang model in which winter olympics facilities can be utilized all year round, promote a "hot economy" with "cold resources" and maintain the vibrancy and vitality of the "post-winter olympics" period.

big air shougang is welcoming tourists and business cooperation in the "post-winter olympics" period. it will accelerate the gathering of sports elements by bidding for international competitions and creating special sports ip such as football, frisbee, bmx and skateboarding. by holding entertainment and commercial activities such as concerts, light and shadow shows, new car launch events, etc., big air shougang will become a new model in the use of olympic facilities after the games.

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