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shoujia steel structure selected as high-quality brand of machinery industry in 2022

release time:2023-06-15 12:57:13

recently, the china machinery industry federation published its high-quality brands of the machinery industry in 2022, and shoujia steel structure, a wholly-owned subsidiary of shougang city transportation, was successfully selected for inclusion among 75 brands in the list by virtue of its mechanical parking equipment.

for many years, shoujia steel structure has been based in the static transportation industry and focused on the technology r&d and manufacturing of parking equipment. it is a professional company that provides one-stop services for the planning, design, construction and operation of intelligent stereo garages, as well as a "zhongguancun high-tech enterprise" and "beijing high-tech enterprise". it insists on technological innovation and gives full play to its core technical advantages in bus parking. with many achievements in the r&d and manufacturing of mechanical parking equipment over the years, it has been honored as a "beijing small and medium-sized enterprise with specialty, high quality and innovation" and an "application demonstration base of 100 group standard application demonstration projects (commercial vehicle mechanical parking equipment) in 2020" by the ministry of industry and information technology. two of its products, the ppy/gj 3-storey and ppy/tggj 5-storey mechanical stereo garages for public transport, have won new technology and product certificates in beijing. to help the development of the parking industry, shoujia steel structure drafted the mechanical industry standard general technical conditions for mechanical parking equipment for passenger cars, which has already passed its joint hearing.

the successful selection of shoujia steel structure as a high-quality brand of the machinery industry is a milestone for shougang city transportation in strengthening its brand building and developing into a first-class science and technology enterprise, as well as embodying the implementation of its intellectual property strategy and cultivation of technological innovation achievements, marking that the product quality, service and technical levels of shoujia steel structure have reached the advanced ranks of the industry.

in order to implement the spirit of the 20th national congress of the communist party of china on building a strong manufacturing and high-quality country, and the guiding opinions of the cpc central committee and state council on carrying out quality improvement actions, the china machinery industry federation and china machinery industry brand strategy promotion committee have carried out activities to promote the overall high-quality development of the machinery industry, aiming to improve the brand quality awareness of the whole industry, create a development environment for high-quality products and brands, and establish a new image for chinese manufacturing brands.

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