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shougang cold rolling’s "lighthouse factory" makes phased construction achievements

release time:2023-05-15 09:30:28

a few days ago, 55 application cases of shougang cold rolling’s lighthouse factory (phase i) project started program tests and trial operation, and made phased achievements. the construction of the project has promoted the upstream and downstream interconnection of shougang cold rolling, laying the foundation for it to promote its enterprises to achieve higher-end quality, more efficient production and higher-quality services.

known as the most advanced factory in the world, the lighthouse factory represents the highest level of intelligence and digitalization in the manufacturing field across the world. in order to continuously improve its efficiency, benefits and market competitiveness, shougang cold rolling rose to the level of world-class enterprises when it started the construction of the lighthouse factory and digital transformation with the strong support and guidance of the shougang group. in september 2021, it prepared the construction of the lighthouse factory (phase i) and commenced its construction after it was approved in march 2022. phase i focused on the three major directions of business, organization and technology. shougang cold rolling promoted the construction of 11 sub-projects and 55 application cases, and focused on improving quality, efficiency and benefits; assembled a project team of 24 product managers from shougang cold rolling, six product managers from shougang co., ltd. and 88 core business members and 68 core development members from beijing shougang automation information technology co., ltd. to provide an organizational talent guarantee for the construction; secured technical support with the help of technologies such as it, 5g and big data; focused on cp management, intelligent quality analysis, standardized operations and quality stability improvement; developed applications such as intelligent warehousing, intelligent scheduling and an rgv transportation system to improve production logistics efficiency and reduce inventory; established control models for polishing machines, tempering mills and the zinc layer thickness closed loop to solve the problem of the poor accuracy and stability of manual setting; and accurately controlled the status and energy consumption of the equipment by adding sensors and collecting field signals.

since september 2022, 55 application cases have been launched in succession, trial operation and iterative optimization have started, and the effects of some cases have initially appeared. the closed mass of automobile panels after detection has been reduced by about 1,000 tons/month, the automatic processing rate of contracts has been increased by 10%, the proportion of surplus materials used has been increased by 2%, and inventory has been reduced by about 3,400 tons; the input rate of models for polishing machines and tempering mills has reached 95%; the zinc layer thickness closed loop control model was initially put into operation, and the hit rates of zinc layers on lines 1 and 2 per 3 g have increased by 0.65% and 0.3% respectively; the execution efficiency of instructions in the intelligent dispatching system of the post-rolling warehouse has reached 93% and the stacking rate has been reduced by 20%; the vehicle allocation time and train allocation time in the finished product warehouse have been reduced by 80% and 20% respectively; 1,160 sets of equipment and 8,285 points for online real-time monitoring have been installed and established, and 478 alarm rules formulated to realize the real-time monitoring and early warning of equipment status; and 117 energy meters have been newly added and 1,040 data collection points completed, initially realizing the accurate measurement and tracking of energy consumption in various areas.

in 2023, shougang cold rolling will continue to polish and optimize the application cases in phase i to ensure support for business transformation while further improving product quality and efficiency in the construction of the lighthouse factory (phase ii) project. while carrying out this project, shougang cold rolling will continue to carry out digital transformation centered on "business, organization and technology", enhance the digital transformation ability and concepts of all employees, build shougang cold rolling into a high-end automobile plate manufacturing base with first-class products and advanced technologies, and make contributions to laying a good foundation for the high-quality development of the group and building a world-class iron and steel enterprise.

the lighthouse factory is an advanced manufacturing base that applies the cutting-edge technology of the fourth industrial revolution in the manufacturing industry across the world and can set an example in the world. it integrates technologies such as the industrial internet, cloud computing, big data and 5g to effectively promote the improvement of production efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction, and the transformation of operation and management modes, making it synonymous with "the most advanced factory in the world".

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