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fof research center selects shougang fund for top 20 state-owned marketization fofs in 2022

release time:2023-05-15 09:28:56

recently, the fof research center selected the shougang fund for inclusion the list of the top 20 state-owned marketization fofs in 2022.

the shougang fund was one of the first institutions to carry out fof investment management in china when it entered the field in 2015. it adheres to its professional investment judgment, marketization decision-making mechanism and stable risk control system, and focuses on leading institutions and specialized institutions in the industry. its annualized rate of return and return multiple of fof investment are at the excellent level in the industry.

as the industrial investment operation platform of the shougang group, the shougang fund actively serves the real economy, integrates various industrial resources, makes innovations in the operation mode and strives to build "a first-class industrial fund and asset management institution with the highest value creation ability in china". today, the shougang fund has developed into a company that manages 46 funds and has accumulated an asset management scale exceeding rmb 100 billion. it enjoys a high reputation in the industry and has continuously obtained and maintained good ratings from international rating agencies, such as bbb from standard & poor's, a- from fitch, aaa from ccxi and aaa from golden credit rating.

the fof research center is a non-profit platform established in the spirit of "encouraging and normatively developing the marketization operation and professional management of venture capital fofs" in the several opinions of the state council on promoting the sustainable and healthy development of venture capital. it conforms to the general trend of the domestic fof industry ushering in a favorable development environment, and provides real-time updates on cutting-edge industry trends and weekly news information to promote the development of china's fof industry. since its establishment in november 2017, based on data support, research and analysis, the fof research center has released annual top 20 lists on china's fof industry and equity investment industry in order to encourage advanced institutions and individuals to promote the healthy development of the industry. all previous lists released by the fof research center have received the widespread interest and recognition of china's fof industry and the whole equity investment industry.

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