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shougang chengxin project supervision named "beijing integrity supervision enterprise in the construction industry" for third consecutive year

release time:2023-05-22 10:20:15

recently, the shougang chengxin project supervision company won the title of "beijing integrity supervision enterprise in the construction industry 2022 to 2023", marking the third consecutive year in which it has won this honor.

chengxin project supervision always insists on "strictly abiding by contracts and keeping promises" as its foundation for survival and development. while strictly abiding by integrity and pursuing excellence, the company continues to promote the standardization of supervision work, earnestly implements the main responsibility of supervision, continuously focuses on the quality of engineering entities, implements the work requirements of "quality first" and "quality supreme", constantly creates high-quality projects, enhances the reputation of its enterprises, wins the market with high-quality services and realizes sustainable development. in recent years, chengxin project supervision has completed the supervision of the shougang park ciftis venues, winter olympic stadium, shangri-la hotel, xishi winter olympics plaza, shougang qian'an new energy automobile electrical steel, bohai jiayuan residential quarter passive assembly and other projects with high standards, and won more than ten thank-you letters and honorary commendations from the owners of the shougang big air operation team of the beijing organising committee for the 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games. among them, the renovation project of shougang old industrial zone won the national quality project award and the project of new factory buildings and supporting facilities in qian’an steel and iron north district won the "jingang award" for shanghai quality projects.

chengxin project supervision will actively maintain the good reputation of the enterprise, give full play to its demonstration role in the supervision industry, be the guardian of the project quality, truly reassure the group, satisfy the owners, recognize the users, constantly consolidate the foundation of its high-quality development and remain a valuable enterprise for the development of the group.

this selection activity organized every two years was held by the beijing construction industry federation and beijing construction supervision association, and the commendation decision was issued by them during the activity. the comprehensive scoring and selection were mainly carried out in such aspects as enterprise management level, system construction, contract performance, technical personnel strength, industry contribution and award-winning situation. the purpose of the activity is to strengthen industry self-discipline, promote the construction of a credit system, encourage the integrity-oriented and legal operation of enterprises, and ensure the sustained, stable and healthy development of beijing's construction supervision industry.

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