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beiye named "casc outstanding contribution supplier"

release time:2023-05-03 10:10:55

recently, beiye was awarded the "casc outstanding contribution supplier 2020–2021" medal by the china aerospace science and technology corporation (casc).

as a model material supplier of casc, beiye is committed to improving its product quality, technical level and r&d capability. it has successfully completed the r&d and production of key materials for a series of major aerospace "bottleneck" projects, such as the shenzhou manned spacecraft series, long march rocket series and lunar exploration program, contributing shougang's strength to the country's heavy equipment. previously, the long march 5 launch vehicle model office, eleventh branch institute of the sixth research institute of casc and other units sent thank you letters to beiye several times, highly affirming its outstanding contributions in the development and production process of the national manned spaceflight project and moon landing project.

beiye always gives top priority to major national needs, insists on scientific and technological innovation, practices the concept of scientific research and engineering, and focuses on the r&d and production of high-end metal functional materials and advanced metal structural materials. in the future, beiye will join hands with casc to fully guarantee the supply of key materials needed for aerospace and make greater contributions to building an aerospace power.

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