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chengxin project supervision carries out successful heat test for anhui 3,500 mm medium plate project

release time:2023-04-26 10:13:23

recently, the rolling mill of the 3,500 mm medium plate project of luan steel holdings group ("luan steel"), which was supervised by the jingtang branch of chengxin project supervision co., ltd. ("jingtang branch"), successfully rolled out its first steel plate. the rolling process was stable and the steel plate had superior size, shape and surface quality. beijing chengxin project supervision co., ltd. won the recognition and praise of luan steel.

luan steel's medium plate production line has a designed annual production capacity of 2.4 million tons, and the 3,500 mm medium plate project is a key project in anhui province and a vital measure for the transformation and upgrading of luan steel's products. in order to ensure that the key supervision project of the jingtang branch is completed on schedule, its supervision department ii refined and decomposed the overall construction schedule reported by the construction unit, and supervised and controlled it strictly according to the time nodes. comprehensively considering the contracted construction period and milestone nodes, the labor, materials and machinery input required to complete the tasks on schedule were reviewed in detail and approved for reasonable adjustment. according to the project schedule, the construction unit reversed the construction period, invested in necessary manpower, equipment, etc., and ensured the orderly progress of the overall project according to the time nodes through scientific organization and strict management.

the jingtang branch's supervision department ii became fully familiar with the drawings, design intent, design features and quality requirements of key parts of the project before commencement. during the construction process, each procedure was strictly controlled by means of side stations, patrols and parallel inspections. in view of on-site quality and safety problems, the supervision department ii identified the root causes and ordered the construction unit to take effective measures for timely rectification, strictly inspected and approved the raw materials and equipment entering the site, witnessed sampling according to the specification requirements and prevented unqualified materials from entering the site for use. a series of standardized supervision and control measures for ensuring quality, safety and progress ensured the safe completion of the project.

it is understood that the supervision department ii will continue to implement the general requirements of "insisting on quality first, strengthening project management, effectively promoting standardized supervision and creating excellent projects". with scientific and standardized supervision and fair and honest services, the department will fulfill its commitment to the owners and strive to escort them, thereby contributing positively to building the brand of chengxin project supervision, striving to be a valuable enterprise for the group's development and constantly laying a good foundation for the company's high-quality development.

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