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shougang city transportation’s tundian station p r intelligent 3d parking project passes completion acceptance

release time:2023-04-17 14:05:33

a few days ago, shougang city transportation completed its contracted tundian station p r intelligent 3d parking project on beijing subway line 16, which subsequently passed its completion acceptance evaluation. it will greatly alleviate "parking difficulties" around the subway station and provide local residents with an affordable parking and rail transit interchange experience, and electric vehicle charging services, thereby greatly enhancing the happiness of citizens.

p r (park and ride) parking provides parking services for convenient transit interchange. in p r parking, citizens can use the integrated circuit (ic) card for public transportation (including rail transit and public electric buses), which costs them just rmb 2 per trip. the parking times are from 4:30 p.m. to 0:30 a.m. the next day. in recent years, beijing has continuously improved its support for the public transportation system and promoted the transformation from going out in private cars to going out in a greener and more economical way. nowadays, the mode of parking private cars in p r parking lots at subway stations and taking the subway is favored by an increasing number of citizens.

the tundian station p r intelligent 3d parking project is located on the north side of exit d of tundian station in haidian district, and divided into the east side and west side. the 3d parking building on the west side has a total of three floors with 202 parking spaces and 23 ac charging piles, while the surface parking lot on the east side has 5 ac charging piles and 5 dc charging piles. in order to make full use of the urban space and meet the needs of green transportation through rail transit, the parking lot adopts 3d intelligent mechanical parking equipment, making it faster, more efficient and more convenient to park, pick up and charge cars.

"every morning, cars fill the parking lot beside the subway station, so it’s really difficult to find a parking space. the establishment of this intelligent parking building will greatly alleviate our parking difficulties. i sincerely hope that it will be put into use as soon as possible," said mrs. liu from haidian district. "now this kind of p r parking is becoming very popular, and the government also has preferential policies. for example, i park here every day when i go to work, then take the subway to my company. the daily parking fee is two yuan. this can help me to avoid the morning rush hour at a low cost. it’s very convenient," said mr. qi from haidian district.

after being contracted to build this project, shougang city transportation actively set up a special p r project class, continuously optimized the construction organization scheme, overcame the influence of covid-19, rain and snow, etc., made full efforts to race against time to complete the work, and strengthened jobs such as equipment installation, commissioning, supervision, inspection and testing so as to fully ensure the timely and high-quality completion of the project. this is another project completed by shougang city transportation after delivering the gongti south road intelligent 3d parking project earlier this year, and a further contribution to a green parking scheme that alleviates parking difficulties and promotes urban governance in beijing, as well as marking another success for shougang city transportation in "getting off to a good start" in the first quarter.

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