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byd successfully holds first "shougang day" event

release time:2023-04-17 14:03:03

exchanges and cooperation should be deepened for us to work together to secure a win-win future. on march 7th, byd held its first "shougang day" event in shenzhen.

byd is a leader in new energy vehicles, and shougang is an important supplier of material solutions for all its auto sheets. since shougang and byd began to cooperate in 2010, they have always taken "customer satisfaction" as the ultimate pursuit and actively practiced the concept of green and low-carbon development. in the process of conducting tests for new vehicle models, supply in batches and supply guarantee during covid-19, shougang's professional service team responded quickly and cooperated efficiently, providing byd's production bases with 24-hour accompanying services. as a result, shougang's supply share has continued to increase, realizing the full coverage of byd's bases, steel plates and varieties.

both sides are committed to the transformation and development of the automobile industry, with a focus on innovation in new energy technologies. they are also carrying out a series of fruitful cooperation projects in fields such as new material r&d and new process applications, and establishing a closer partnership to effectively promote product r&d and supply chain cooperation, thereby achieving mutual benefits and common development.

the leaders of the shougang marketing center expressed their gratitude to byd for the strong support and help its gives shougang, and said that shougang will continue to adhere to the concepts of "intelligent production, service and win-win cooperation", and provide higher-quality products and services for byd's development. shougang is determined to reduce byd’s production and r&d costs, and make byd more influential in the user market through shougang's new technologies and materials.

on behalf of all byd units, the general manager of byd’s 11th business division warmly welcomed and expressed his gratitude to shougang’s experts and colleagues who participated in this exchange meeting. he said that this "shougang day" is not only a technical exchange conference, but also a grand meeting for both sides to strengthen their cooperation and seek win-win results. at the most difficult time of the epidemic, shougang had great consonance with byd and responded quickly again and again, meeting the demands of the company for the emergency delivery of materials and especially greatly reducing the steel production cycle, which undoubtedly stands as an industry miracle. over the past ten years of cooperation, both sides have shared weal and woe, worked together and achieved mutual success. he hopes that they will further strengthen their cooperation in aspects such as technological innovation, new product applications and whole supply chain costs.

the relevant persons in charge of the shougang group and its research institute of technology respectively introduced shougang's related new products, technologies and marketing services, including development progress of shougang’s auto sheets and low-carbon practice and methods; steel technology solution for shougang’s new energy automobiles; difficulties of zinc-aluminum-magnesium auto sheets and shougang's solutions; development and application of shougang’s uf steel for next-generation high-strength outer body plates; shougang’s development progress in automobile chassis steel; and shougang’s high-performance electrical steel and application technology for new energy automobiles. at the same time, they held discussions with the relevant professional staff of byd.

this event has deepened the mutual understanding between the two sides and further expanded a broader space for cooperation. in the later period, more in-depth technical discussions and exchanges will be carried out. win-win cooperation is sure to promote technological innovation in the field of new energy and lead the green development of the new energy automobile industry.

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