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big air shougang wins two industry awards

release time:2023-04-10 14:00:28

a few days ago, the evaluation results of the "2022 science and technology awards of the construction industry in china" and "2022 science and technology awards of the steel structure industry in china" were announced. recommended by the architectural society of china, the first prizes of both awards ceremonies were won by key technologies for the sustainable design, construction, operation and maintenance of big air shougang in the beijing winter olympic games. this achievement was jointly completed by shougang construction investment, tsinghua university, shougang construction, the architectural design and research institute of tsinghua university, shougang group research institute of technology, hangzhou cctn architectural design co., ltd., shougang engineering and hebei university of engineering.

focusing on the basic research of steel structure systems and key technology innovation of competitive ski jump platforms, this project closely combined the major demand for sports facilities for ice and snow competitions in the national development strategy, and made systematic innovations in site selection planning, component materials, structure construction, slope design, snow track detection and ski jump platform function transformation through the r&d mode of production-learning-research-use. the main innovation achievements included creating a design method and technical system for new track facilities in an industrial heritage site environment; successfully completing the first permanent ski jump competition facility in the world with a design that perfectly combines with industrial heritage sites; researching and developing the high-precision assembly and construction technology of large components based on new special-performance steel, with corrosion resistance improved by 62.5%, fireproof coating thickness reduced by 20%, assembly rate of tracks reaching 100%, construction period shortened by nearly 30% and construction accuracy of the main steel structure tracks guaranteed to the millimeter level; researching and developing the precise maintenance and control technology of race tracks during competitions, and realizing millimeter-level base level control on tracks in the operation state of competitions, as well as centimeter-level track snow surface control for the first time in the world; researching and developing the conversion of tracks in competitive ski jump events and the utilization technology of venues in all seasons for the analysis of human factors; and realizing the conversion of track structures within 48 hours for any world cup-level event for the first time in the world. in the course of this project, 11 invention patents, 15 utility model patents and three software 九游会j9官网 copyrights were authorized, three academic monographs published, 22 academic papers published in chinese core journals such as sci and ssci, and three standards jointly edited.

the "science and technology awards of the construction industry in china" is a construction industry science and technology awards ceremony established by the construction system in the form of awards organized by social forces. it aims to reward organizations and citizens who make important contributions to the construction industry, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity, and enhance the comprehensive technical level of the housing and urban and rural construction industries. the "science and technology awards of the steel structure industry in china" aims to encourage enterprises, research institutes, colleges and universities in the steel structure industry, as well as all sectors of society, to invest in science and technology in the steel structure field, commend organizations and individuals who make outstanding contributions to scientific and technological progress in the steel structure field in china, and enhance the overall scientific and technological level of the steel structure industry.

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