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shougang mining's efficient low-carbon mining technology reaches international leading level

release time:2023-04-03 08:56:23

recently, the china iron and steel association organized experts to hold an evaluation meeting on the scientific and technological achievements of the research and application of efficient low-carbon mining technology in xingshan iron mine project via video conference. it was attended by the relevant responsible persons of shougang mining and project participants from northeastern university, wuhan university of science and technology, hubei carbon emission permits trading center co., ltd. and so on. cai meifeng, academician of the chinese academy of engineering, served as the director of the evaluation committee.

the evaluation committee listened to the report on the project’s achievements and reviewed the relevant data. after inquiry and discussion, it was agreed that the achievements provided theoretical and technical support for the efficient low-carbon mining of iron mines, promoted the progress of caving mining technology in chinese metal mines and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, generally reaching the international leading level.

this project was jointly completed by shougang mining, northeastern university, wuhan university of science and technology and hubei carbon emission permits trading center co., ltd. the carbon emission accounting method of the caving approach was put forward and a theoretical model of efficient low-carbon mining was established. the inclined slicing sublevel caving mining method was proposed and implemented for the first time, which improved the movement and release conditions of broken ore in inclined ore bodies, greatly increased mining efficiency and reduced the loss and dilution of ore and production cost. methods for determining the layout of the holes, charge structure and blasting parameters according to the acquisition conditions of breaking and expanding space in loose masses, width demand in the flow zone at the ore outlet and directivity of blasting scallop holes were put forward for the first time, which significantly improved the blasting effect. the concept of compaction layers in tunnels and the soil-nailed supporting principle and method based on protecting and strengthening the compaction gaskets were put forward, the grid structure of bolting with wire mesh was optimized, the ground pressure activity of stopes was effectively controlled and the support cost of unstable surrounding rocks in high-stress areas was significantly reduced. moreover, safe, efficient and low-cost technology for the completion of high-cutting wells in one shot was developed, thereby improving the safe construction conditions of cutting wells and significantly enhancing the efficiency of completing wells.

these achievements have been applied in an all-round way at xingshan iron mine, resulting in the significant reduction of its carbon emissions and production cost.

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