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shougang cold rolling commences construction of lighthouse factory project (phase ii)

release time:2023-03-13 16:12:57

on february 24th, shougang cold rolling's digital transformation conference was held to show the phased achievements in the construction of the lighthouse factory project (phase i), commence the construction of phase ii and further promote the digital transformation of cold rolling. it was attended by group leader liu jianhui.

jointly selected by the davos world economic forum and management consulting company mckinsey & company, the lighthouse factory project is a demonstrator of significance as a model of "digital manufacturing" and "globalization 4.0" which represents the highest level of intelligent manufacturing and digitalization in the contemporary manufacturing industry worldwide. integrating new technologies of the fourth industrial revolution such as the industrial internet, cloud computing, big data and 5g, the lighthouse factory can effectively improve production efficiency and promote energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as revolutionizing operation and management modes, and creating a new business model with disruptive potential. it has become synonymous with "the most advanced factory in the world".

digital transformation is the only road for enterprises to realize sustainable development, as well as an important means for them to improve their quality and efficiency. in 2021, under the strong support and guidance of the shougang group and beijing shougang co., ltd., shougang cold rolling commenced the construction of the lighthouse factory and kicked off the digital transformation of world-class enterprises. at the end of 2022, 11 sub-projects and 55 cases of the lighthouse factory project (phase i) were all put into operation, achieving incredible phased progress. the automation and intelligence levels of the production lines were significantly improved, the efficiency of warehouse logistics was continuously optimized, product quality and customer service were continuously perfected, and the refined management level of the company was steadily upgraded.

in 2023, shougang cold rolling will continuously optimize and polish the cases in phase i, while rapidly promoting the construction of phase ii and developing 26 cases such as intelligent scheduling, intelligent inspection and chemical experiments, and intelligent manipulation in order to accumulate new kinetic energy for the development of the cold rolling company.

in his speech, liu jianhui expressed his gratitude to all parties who helped and supported the construction of the cold rolling company's lighthouse factory, recognized the achievements that have been made so far and expressed his hope that the cold rolling company will seize the opportunities of digital transformation, promote capability in digital transformation and contribute to the high-quality development of enterprises.

at the meeting, the champion list of phase i product managers was revealed, and appointment letters were issued to the representatives of product managers in phase ii. the staff representatives shared the convenience and efficiency brought by digital transformation in various forms such as the display of cases, testimonials by key users and knowledge competitions.

the digital transformation conference was attended by the principals of relevant departments such as the system optimization department, enterprise culture department and research institute of technology, leaders from units such as beijing shougang co., ltd. and beijing shougang automation information technology co., ltd., and staff representatives from shougang cold rolling.

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