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shougang fund rated highly again by standard and poor's

release time:2023-04-03 08:58:43

a few days ago, shougang fund was rated again by standard and poor's (s&p), one of the most well-renowned rating agencies in the world, and awarded a long-term rating of "bbb " and a short-term rating of "a-2". the outlook of a long-term rating is to be stable. this was also the second time that shougang fund has been awarded with a high rating by s&p after being continuously awarded with "bbb " in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

as the investment and operation platform of the group's industries, the shougang fund has actively served the real economy, integrated various industrial resources, created a new operation mode and made efforts to build a "first-class industrial fund and asset management institution with the most valuable creativity in china". nowadays, shougang fund has developed into a company that manages 46 funds and has an accumulated asset management scale in excess of rmb 100 billion. shougang fund enjoys a high reputation in the industry and has been continuously awarded and rated as "a-" by fitch ratings and "aaa" by ccxi and golden credit rating, international rating agencies.

in 2022, shougang fund's assets continued to grow, its investment and operation capabilities continued to improve, and its corporate governance and organizational construction were further enhanced. it played a role as an internal investment bank and provided support for the group's capital operation projects such as the zhixin electromagnetic war. it assisted in the development of shougang park, promoted the investment work of liugonghui and ensured that the southeast and international talent communities were under construction in an all-round way. it deeply laid out tracks in reits and the shougang green energy project, achieving good results. it focused on the intelligent manufacturing, information technology, medical treatment and health care, and science fiction industries, and set up three new industrial funds. it strengthened post-investment management and empowerment, and oversaw the continual increase of the rate of return on project investment.

founded in 1860, s&p is a financial analysis institution formed by a merger between the poor publishing company and standard statistics company in 1941. headquartered in new york city, usa, as an important participant in building the global financial infrastructure, s&p has played a role as a leader for 150 years, providing independent reference pointers for investors as a guarantee for investment and finance decisions. in the field of financial services, s&p is the leading service provider of financial analysis and risk assessment in the world.

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