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shougang's xu houjun selected as annual figure of "models in beijing 2022"

release time:2023-03-28 16:11:39

recently, sponsored by the publicity department of the beijing municipal committee of communist party of china and capital civilization office, the "models in beijing 2022" awards ceremony was held. xu houjun, the main operator of the rolling mill in the second operation area of shougang zhixin qian'an electromagnetic materials co., ltd., was selected as an annual figure in the "models in beijing 2022" list.

as the main operator of the 20th rolling mill of shougang zhixin qian'an electromagnetic materials and a roller for 12 years, xu houjun has long been devoted to improving the cold rolling technologies and properties of electrical steel products, and developing expert proficiency in the stable rolling technology of electrical steel with high magnetic induction and high silicon content, as well as mastering shape and thickness accuracy control technologies. he has consistently insisted on independent innovation, participated in trial production for all new electrical steel products, mastered the complete trial production methods of electrical steel products and achieved success in the trial production of more than 20 high-end varieties upon the first attempt, among which three products were launched for the first time in the world, filling gaps in china's steel production. as a leader of innovation in the field of electrical steel rolling, he has broken through the limits of equipment, rolled a large number of products with limit specifications, overcome the problem of the stable rolling of high silicon electrical steel and made outstanding contributions to transforming shougang's electrical steel from a follower to a leader. he has successively won honorary titles such as "shougang's craftsman", "shougang's star", "young models in beijing in 2020", "20th national youth post expert" and "learning star of citizens in the capital". he has four technical secrets of the first author, six patents and three authorizations. the scientific and technological projects in which he has participated have won three first prizes at the shougang science and technology awards, and one second prize at the hebei province science and technology progress awards, with a cumulative efficiency of rmb 299.72 million. the 8020 innovation studio that he established has made a total of 12 research achievements and trained a large number of skilled backbones.

ten annual figures and two annual special awards were selected for the "models in beijing 2022" list. themed "the power of the new era", the awards ceremony was divided into three chapters: "the power of innovation", "the power of warmth" and "the power of youth". at the venue, the warm, inspirational and touching true stories of beijing models were displayed through such links as speeches, videos, cultural and artistic performances, and the awarding of trophies. 

"models in beijing" has been held for nine consecutive years. the activity has promoted a large number of model figures to be recognized by the people and praised by society. in 2022, a total of 144 groups of models in beijing were selected and the online interaction activity "praise for models" was carried out for one month. a total of 250 million people praised them and nearly 10,000 messages were left by netizens. the topic "praise for models" was listed on the hot search list in beijing on weibo, thereby constantly highlighting the leading role of models.

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