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four shougang technologies win sasac’s 2022 typical case awards of peak carbon and carbon neutrality actions

release time:2023-03-07 16:06:43

recently, the results of the selection of typical cases of peak carbon and carbon neutrality actions in 2022 by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council (sasac) were announced, and shougang jingtang's "five-in-one" high-efficiency recycling technology, large blast furnace high-proportion pellet low-carbon smelting technology, and lime kiln tail gas co2 capture technology for the co2-o2 mixed injection steelmaking process, and shougang langze's co/co2-rich industrial gas bio-fermentation technology for fuel ethanol and clostridium ethanol protein, won third prizes.

in recent years, shougang has earnestly implemented the new development concepts and the national goals of peak carbon and carbon neutrality, unswervingly followed the road of green and low-carbon development, vigorously promoted technological innovation in energy conservation and carbon reduction, deeply built a green and low-carbon development pattern, continuously improved its extreme energy efficiency level, actively promoted the utilization of clean energy, deepened the construction of the carbon emission management and control system, vigorously developed green and low-carbon products, actively developed green and low-carbon industries, demonstrated the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise through practical actions and contributed shougang's efforts to cope with climate change and improve the quality of the ecological environment.

the "five-in-one" high-efficiency recycling technology takes gas-steam combined cycle power generation and low-temperature multi-effect distilled seawater desalination as the core, and combines it with the downstream salt chemical industry chain to build the first high-efficiency recycling system in the world that integrates the five effects of “combustion, heat, electricity, water and salt”. this technology has realized stable operation with low cost and high efficiency, and created a new mode in the efficient conversion and gradient utilization of energy for the metallurgical industry. the power generation efficiency of the gas-steam combined cycle has increased to 47% and the comprehensive thermal efficiency is as high as 81.5%, reaching the leading level in the world. compared with the conventional mode of steam extraction and water production from power plants, the cost of seawater desalination has been reduced by more than 50%. at the same time, it has also extended the industrial chain of the circular economy in the steel and iron industry, and allowed the transport of concentrated brine from seawater desalination to salt chemical enterprises to serve as by-product resources, thereby carrying out positive and beneficial exploration and practice for the coordinated emission reduction of the steel and iron industry and chemical industry.

large blast furnace high-proportion pellet low-carbon smelting technology  is a major technological innovation of the low-carbon metallurgical process. shougang jingtang has successfully established the first high-proportion pellet smelting process in the world with a scale of 10 million tons for super-large blast furnaces, established the low-carbon smelting process structure, developed the preparation technology of low-silicon alkaline pellets, studied the suitable burden structure and matching measures of blast furnaces, designed a furnace structure and distribution equipment suitable for smelting high-proportion pellets, improved the operation system of smelting high-proportion pellets in blast furnaces, and broken from the traditional method in which sinter was the main burden structure of blast furnaces. the proportion of pellets has increased from 28% to over 55%, the fuel ratio and slag amount of blast furnaces have been obviously reduced, and co2 emissions per ton of iron have been reduced by over 167 kg. this technology has not only achieved good economic benefits, but also greatly reduced the emission of greenhouse gases and pollutants in iron and steel enterprises, thereby generating remarkable environmental benefits.

the technology of co2 capture from lime kiln tail gas for co2-o2 mixed injection steelmaking is china’s first industrialized demonstration engineering technology in which co2 captured from the tail gas of steel and iron kilns is used in mixed injection for steelmaking, and it can capture 250,000 tons of co2 annually and recycle it for converter steelmaking. this technology has reached the leading level in the industry and has good energy saving, emission reduction and carbon reduction effects such as reducing co2 and industrial dust emissions, reducing industrial gas consumption and iron loss, and improving the calorific value of converter gas. this technology allows the recycling of the carbon flow in steel mills and creates the utilization mode of co2 recycling. it has been included in the first batch of pilot projects of co2 capture, utilization and storage in hebei, as well as the promotion catalogue of low-carbon technologies in the province.

the technology of producing fuel ethanol and clostridium ethanol protein by industrial gas bio-fermentation rich in co/co2 is the leading gas bio-fermentation technology in the world, which directly converts industrial tail gas into high value-added products such as fuel ethanol and protein feed. shougang lanzatech successfully completed the design, installation, commissioning and production of the first industrialized production line that produces fuel ethanol through the bio-fermentation of tail gas in the global steel and iron industry, built a commercial demonstration device for producing fuel ethanol through the fermentation of industrial tail gas, and realized the industrialized application of new technology for the bio-carbon sequestration of industrial tail gas and efficient and clean utilization of industrial tail gas as resources.

in order to thoroughly implement the decision-making arrangements of the cpc central committee and state council on peak carbon and carbon neutrality, and help central enterprises do a good job in the dual carbon goals, the china business executives academy of dalian of sasac organized the collection of typical cases and experts in peak carbon and carbon neutrality in 2022. state-owned central enterprises and provincial state-owned asset supervision systems responded positively, with more than 600 recommended and submitted cases and experts. twenty-six first prizes, 53 second prizes and 78 third prizes were selected after preliminary examination, professional group review, review of all experts and special meeting deliberation of the china business executives academy of dalian.

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