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12th china digital publishing expo held in shougang park

release time:2023-03-07 08:40:55

from february 16th to 17th, the 12th china digital publishing expo was held in the no. 5 exhibition hall of shougang park. themed "starting again and creating the future", the expo’s digital publishing achievement exhibition area, thematic publishing integration and innovation exhibition area, ancient book digitalization exhibition area, digital education exhibition area, knowledge service exhibition area, digital culture exhibition area, etc. were set up in order to show new progress and achievements in integrative development through activities such as report release, exhibition and presentation, centralized purchase and selection, forum meeting, promotion and negotiation, etc.

stepping into the digital culture exhibition area, an electronic screen with a length of 25 m and a height of 3.5 m is particularly eye-catching. at this time, the world premiere event of the digital image "great wall of china crossing time and space" by the encyclopedia of china publishing house is being held. for the film premiere, digital technology is adopted to tell the story of china in motion in the form of a dynamic digital scroll. in the front of the screen, historical cultural heritage and contemporary development achievements come to the fore, allowing the audience to appreciate the long and profound history and culture of china in an immersive experience.

"the film vividly shows the vicissitudes of the great wall of china for more than 2,000 years, which is absolutely amazing," said mr. li, an audience member. "i’m one of the related practitioners, and i attend the digital expo every year, but this is my first time attending it in shougang park. i read the news before and learned about shougang park. i know that it’s the venue of the winter olympics and ciftis. it’s used to hold various activities on the spot. i really appreciate its uniqueness when i’m here, and the long and profound history and culture of the great wall in the vicissitudes of the steel city. the two bring out the best in each other."

outside the no. 5 exhibition hall, mrs. zhao is asking the staff where the "no. 3 blast furnace" is. "today, i’m taking the opportunity to attend the digital expo here. i always hear friends talking about shougang park. today, i’ve spent a long time in the exhibition halls. there’s an oasis in the ‘metal giant’, and the exhibition halls are embraced by the oasis, which is very fashionable and novel. i happen to be free at night, so i’m meeting my friends here. i heard that the night scene here is very beautiful."

nowadays, with many “updates”, the popularity of shougang park has not been diminished after the winter olympics. the venues and exhibition halls are not idle all year round. the park’s highlights, popularity and industrial vitality have been continuously improved. diverse scenes related to science fiction, catering, hotel accommodation, retail, exhibition and experience have been continuously presented, various premiere activities have been continuously held and the story of the revival of 100-year-old shougang park continues.

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