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from iron-making to ice-making, shougang park creates special spring festival atmosphere

release time:2023-02-03 15:51:35

many tourists spent their spring festival in shougang park, located on the west extension line of chang'an avenue, along the banks of yongding river and at the foot of shijing mountain. in the daytime, bustling tourists trod the snow, and at night, they chatted and laughed cheerfully as starry lights shone in shougang park. the combination of industrial style and traditional folk customs from iron-making to ice-making in shougang park created a special spring festival atmosphere. 

the ice and snow park turned big air shougang into a popular snow paradise; the "ice show arena" in xiuchi opened up an exclusive ice space for tourists; the "new year"-themed light and shadow show on the cooling tower provided an immersive light and shadow experience for tourists from all over the world; the new year market, folk performances and interesting gala party in liugonghui brought an industrial atmosphere during spring festival; and the shangri-la hotel prepared a variety of entertainment activities with traditional cultural interests suitable for the whole family…

these colorful activities attracted a large number of citizens to celebrate the spring festival in shougang park. according to the statistics, from january 21st (new year's eve) to 27th (sixth day of the first lunar month), 206,000 people entered shougang park, and the total sales reached rmb 9.609 million. the number of visitors reached its peak on the first day of the first lunar month, with 43,000 people entering the park. various major mainstream media outlets such as live news on cctv-13, workers' daily, beijing daily, beijing youth daily and beijing news radio reported on the lively scene at shougang park during the spring festival.

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