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shougang rated among top ten "literary enterprises" in beijing

release time:2023-03-01 16:02:43

the spring is bright and literary. recently, the reading ceremony of the 12th literary china - beijing reading season was held, and shougang was rated as one of the top ten "literary enterprises" in beijing.

writing is the act of conveying truth, and shougang has always attached great importance to educating people and developing enterprises through culture. taking the construction of a high-level and high-quality corporate culture as the "inexhaustible source" for cohesion, soul-building, aggregation, literacy improvement and innovation, shougang will vigorously promote all reading and learning into workshops, institutions and teams, create a wide range of conditions and build a platform for "literary sharing", and make the positive spirit of literature become the spirit of the cadres and workers forging ahead to create happiness.

ten miles of the steel city is filled with the spirit of literature. from ironmaking to steel rolling, and from the factory to the living area, clean and distinctive "reading corners" can be found everywhere. based on the characteristics of the factory, shougang has established more than 250 miniature "reading corners" throughout the company, relying on activity platforms such as the "employee home", "employee innovation studio" and "party member activity room"; a reading room of nearly 300 m2 has been built in the living area of employees, becoming the main front for employees to read and improve their quality. every year, the party committee buys a variety of books on topics such as theoretical studies, organizational construction and pioneer models for employees as party members, and distributes them to party organizations at all levels. the trade union of the company allocates special funds to buy a variety of high-quality books to enrich its collection. currently, the company has nearly 50,000 books and is equipped with more than 300 pieces of hardware such as bookshelves, tables and chairs, projectors and audio systems.

distinctive reading partners contribute to a wonderful "reading" experience. shougang attaches great importance to the deep integration of reading activities with party building, employee innovation and literacy improvement, and harmonious enterprise construction. by enriching reading contents and forms, more employees are attracted to take the initiative to pick up books, learn and improve their quality, and develop a good habit of lifelong reading. moreover, online reading activities such as "daily reading of century-old party history" and themed reading activities such as "welcome the 20th national congress, together for a shared future" have been organized. the employee reading column "listening and speaking" has been initiated, and experts have been invited to give psychological lectures on the "harmonious team". every month, reading exchanges are carried out among party members, and reading salons and book sharing sessions are held, thereby improving employees' literacy, cultivating the enterprise spirit and stimulating the spark of innovation.

shougang has always deeply cultivated its corporate culture and actively explored the building of influential cultural brands. in 2023, the "literary sharing" brand building activity was included in the focus of shougang’s "strong voice project", the annual activity plan was formulated and innovations were made to the activity carrier, making "literary sharing" a seed in the cultural field that deeply drives the vigorous development of shougang through its vitality.

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