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wonderful "cicada wing-like steel" new year postcards appear

release time:2023-01-20 15:54:21

on the occasion of the spring festival, the cultural tourism division of the shougang park service corporation launched a set of "cicada wing-like steel" new year postcards with a festive background and fashionable and smart design, which have since gained great favor among collectors and tourists alike.

traditional chinese red, evoking a warm and prosperous festive atmosphere, is used as the main color in the whole set of cards, interwoven with dazzling golden elements that perfectly integrate chinese art with modern design, showing the cultural connotations of national style and elegance. the image of a large tree on the front is spliced with elements such as lucky rabbits and auspicious rattan leaves, indicating that the country is peaceful and its future is bright. a variety of bright-colored auspicious cloud elements are engraved at the bottom, displaying more oriental classical elegance in the overall design. mao zedong's seven laws: farewell to the god of plague is printed on the back, which represents banishing the god of plague and praying for peace, happiness and well-being in china, and expresses deep wishes for a better future.

if we open the inside page, the whole version of the dark red chinese auspicious cloud pattern line draft pops out, creating a sense of elegance. inserted on the left side of the inside page, there is a postcard of the year of the rabbit made from shougang jingtang's "cicada wing-like steel". the outline of the auspicious rabbit is sketched in white lines, and another elegant rabbit gazes at the sun on the upper right, which represents good luck. inserted on the right side of the inside page, there is a new year greetings card bearing the words "happy new year". you can write your new year greetings on the cards and send them to your family and loved ones. limited paper space cannot hold endless love; immerse yourself in it and relive the romance of the ancients.

the same "cicada wing-like steel", named for being as thin and delicate as cicada wings, is used for the 5g equipment produced by shougang jingtang. these new year postcards vividly and incisively embody shougang's strength in scientific research and high-level capability in the manufacturing of high-quality steel products. they follow the popularity of the previous "cicada-like steel" postcards showing sports events of the beijing 2022 winter olympics and ode to the great wall postcards commemorating the 20th national congress of the communist party of china.

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