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shougang city transportation commences first electric bicycle intelligent garage project in shenzhen

release time:2023-01-23 09:18:43

a few days ago, the first electric bicycle intelligent garage project independently researched and developed by shougang city transportation was officially commenced in yinde industrial park of pingshan district, shenzhen. it consists of an intelligent 3d garage with four floors of vertical circulation and three floors of round-tower mechanical parking, with an area of 187.2 m2 and a total of 156 parking spaces. all electric bicycles that accord with national standards can be parked, and the garage is equipped with an advanced intelligent operation terminal system. users can choose to park and pick up bicycles in multiple modes, making the service simple, convenient, fast, safe and reliable.

wang jing, manager of the third business division of shougang city transportation and project leader, explained, “after the completion of the project, electric bicycles from many bike-sharing manufacturers such as mobike, ofo and hello can be parked and picked up, and it will also be applicable to all electric bicycles that accord with the new national standards. customers can park and pick up electric bicycles with one click in various modes through the mobile app or intelligent operation terminal system in the garage. a customer can make an appointment on the mobile app to pick up an electric bicycle. they just need to push the electric bicycle into a fixed slot and click the corresponding button, and the sensing device in the slot will automatically identify the bicycle’s information and park it in the garage. the operation is very simple and convenient.”

yinde industrial park is a “golden signboard” of one of the four national industrial bases built in pingshan district, shenzhen. the parking of electric bicycles has become a difficult problem for park management as an increasing number of enterprises settle in. scheduled to be completed in january 2023, the project will effectively relieve the pressure and meet the demand of parking electric bicycles in yinde industrial park, and greatly enhance its overall image.

this is another new milestone project of shougang city transportation following “smart bicycle bar in xiong'an citizen center”, “beijing fangshan slow-moving supporting bicycle stereo parking garage”, “first bicycle-only road in beijing and east extension tiantongyuan subway station bicycle parking project” and “xi’an high-tech district meituan bicycle bike-sharing station”, and it has great significance for further building shenzhen’s integrated service provision brand.

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