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shougang gases recognized as intellectual property pilot unit in beijing

release time:2023-01-31 15:17:19

recently, the beijing municipal intellectual property office launched the application and evaluation of beijing’s intellectual property pilot and demonstration units in 2022, and beijing shougang gases co., ltd. was recognized as an intellectual property pilot unit in beijing. this is another honor following its selection as an national high-tech enterprise and “specialized, refined, differential and innovational” sme of beijing.

since 2020, the company has established an intellectual property management system, intellectual property incentives and punishments, intellectual property confidentiality system, intellectual property emergency plan, etc., in order to encourage the technical personnel of enterprises to constantly innovate technologies and raise their awareness of intellectual property protection. currently, the company has one invention patent for “a method for preparing ultra-high purity gas by combining a liquid oxygen pump with a raw gas cylinder”, and 12 utility model patents such as the xenon refrigerated bottle vaporizing device. two products, preparation of high-purity liquid oxygen by the cryogenic method and new fuel hydrogen, have obtained the beijing new technology & products (services) certificate. its gas products have been largely used in industries such as medical treatment, scientific research, chip manufacturing, aerospace and fire rescue. meanwhile, cigia named its rare gases and medical oxygen products famous brands of china’s gas industry.

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