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shougang lanzatech rated among national-level outstanding enterprises nicknamed “little giants”

release time:2023-01-18 09:11:05

a few days ago, the beijing municipal bureau of economy and information technology announced the list of the fourth batch of national-level outstanding enterprises, nicknamed “little giants”, and shougang lanzatech managed to stand out among the candidates to be rated among the “little giants” due to its more than ten years of deep cultivation in the field of the biological carbon sequestration of industrial exhaust gas.

as a leading enterprise in the synthetic biology industry, shougang lanzatech has independently developed gaseous fermentation integration technology for more than ten years. industrial exhaust gas containing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can be converted into high value-added products such as bioethanol and feed protein, and inorganic carbon and nitrogen can be directly converted into organic carbon and nitrogen, thereby reshaping the industrial system, and this has great significance for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, lowering soybean import dependence and ensuring national food and energy security.

at present, shougang lanzatech has applied for more than 200 patents, including more than 80 invention patents, and undertaken national key research and development projects such as “green bio-manufacturing” and “blue granary science and technology innovation” of the ministry of science and technology. with its top 20 low carbon technologies selected into the industrial field of the ministry of industry and information technology in 2021, as a representative of technology in the field of carbon neutrality, shougang lanzatech was invited to participate in the national science and technology innovation achievement exhibition during the 13th five-year plan period, where it won the award of excellence in the final round of the national disruptive technology innovation competition for the first time. clostridium autoethanogenum protein, a new feed raw material developed by the company, is a disruptive product with completely proprietary intellectual property rights and leading industrial transformation effects. it was successfully selected for inclusion in the list of scientific and technological achievements of major new technologies, new products and new equipment in china's agriculture and rural areas in 2021, and awarded the first new product certificate of feed raw materials issued by the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs in china. shougang lanzatech has three projects commissioned and one project under construction in hebei, ningxia and guizhou, with a bioethanol production capacity of 210,000 tons and a feed protein production capacity of 23,000 tons. china is rich in industrial exhaust gas resources. using 10% of iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical refining and calcium carbide exhaust gas to produce 10 million tons of ethyl alcohol and 1.2 million tons of feed protein annually is equivalent to saving 32 million tons of grain, sparing 80 million mu of cultivated land and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25 million tons of annually.

in the future, shougang lanzatech will take this as a new starting point, continuously tackle key problems in synthetic biotechnology, actively play a leading role in the industry and contribute to the development of a green, low-carbon and biological economy.

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