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beijing shougang and zhixin electromagnetic named “national enterprises with intellectual property advantages”

release time:2023-01-18 09:09:30

recently, the china national intellectual property administration (cnipa) published the list of national intellectual property demonstration enterprises and national enterprises with intellectual property advantages in 2022, and beijing shougang and shougang zhixin qian’an electromagnetic material co., ltd (“zhixin electromagnetic”) were included in the list as winners of the title “national enterprise with intellectual property advantages in 2022”.

in recent years, beijing shougang has attached great importance to intellectual property management, set up a leading group for intellectual property management headed by the leading officials of the company and established an intellectual property work system and management system. in these ways, it has strived to promote the in-depth development of intellectual property work and improve the creation quality, protection efficiency and application level of intellectual property via information platforms and other management means while relying on the active participation of all employees in independent innovation.

zhixin electromagnetic adheres to the guidance of corporate technological innovation planning and depends upon a consistent management mechanism of production, marketing and research. it enhances its patent mining and analysis ability through advanced benchmarking, strengthens the confidentiality management of science and technology, improves the ability of intellectual property management personnel, establishes an intellectual property management network, builds an innovation system with “silicon steel engineering technology research center staff innovation studio” as the platform, high-quality innovative talents as the main body and all employees participating together, and perfects the intellectual property work system and management system of enterprises. in 2021, 450 patents were granted, including 182 invention patents and 268 utility model patents, and 75 projects won the invention and entrepreneurship award and project award at the national invention exhibition. zhixin electromagnetic has successfully developed more than 20 electro-technical steel products in six series in the field of new energy vehicles, five of which were world-firsts. it also built and commissioned the world’s first specialized production line of electro-technical steel for new energy vehicles, and its six-stand tandem cold rolling mill, “super mill”, is yet another world-first.

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