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list of 2022 national enterprise standard "leaders" released

release time:2023-01-10 09:53:22

recently, the list of national enterprise standard "leaders" in 2022 was released. shougang's enterprise standards q/sgzgs0316—2019 "hot rolled steel sheets and strips for structural purposes" and q/sgzgs0342—2020 "cold rolled oriented electrical steel strips" were honored with inclusion in the list. meanwhile, q/sgzgs0316—2019 was awarded for three consecutive years, while q/sgzgs0342—2020 was awarded for two consecutive years.

shougang's selected enterprise standard q/sgzgs0316—2019 "hot-rolled steel sheets and strips for structural purposes" covers 29 advanced steel marks of japanese and german standards, and its technical indicators are superior to those of domestic and foreign standards, leading the domestic steel industry. q/sgzgs0342—2020 "cold-rolled oriented electrical steel strips" presents the requirements of ultra-thin specification marks. meanwhile, the marks in each specification are more advanced and comprehensive, and their overall technical level is higher than international and national standards.

the shougang group insists on guiding the high-quality development of enterprises by constructing a complete system of leading enterprise standards. its standardization management department actively organizes "leader" related matters, including organizing shougang zhixin qian'an electromagnetic material co., ltd. to develop the first batch of "leader" evaluation standards, and issuing t/cisa056—2020 "'leader' standard evaluation requirements for full-process cold-rolled non-oriented electrical steels" and t/cisa057—2020 "'leader' standard evaluation requirements for full-process cold-rolled oriented electrical steels" in 2020, which serve as the basis for the selection of domestic enterprise standard "leaders" for electrical steels; collecting and sorting out more than 30 "leader" evaluation criteria to confirm whether the mass production and supply of corresponding products by the group were carried out according to enterprise standards, including over 20 kinds of products manufactured by shougang, jingtang, shuicheng iron & steel, changzhi iron & steel, gui gang, etc.; comparing the "leader" indicators of the corresponding enterprise standards one by one and organizing the technology institute, production base and shougang marketing center to fully evaluate the feasibility of revising enterprise standards that did not fully meet the "leader" requirements; and organizing the filling in of application materials and presentation of the test report, enterprise credit records, enterprise commitment letter, etc. for enterprise standards that meet the "leader" requirements.

based on the actual production of structural steels and user needs, the group formulated the enterprise standard q/sgzgs0316—2019 "hot-rolled steel sheets and strips for structural purposes". its indicators such as mechanical and technological properties, chemical composition and dimensional deviation are superior to those of foreign standards, and suitable for the rolling and pickling capacity of structural steels in shougang's 2,160 mm, 1,580 mm and mccr production lines. the group is also a leader in the construction of the structural steel standard system, and has presided over and compiled a series of structural steel foundation standards such as iso630 "structural steels" international standards, gb/t34560 "structural steels" national standards, etc.

based on the actual production of oriented electrical steel strips by shougang zhixin qian'an electromagnetic material co., ltd., the group organized the formulation of the enterprise standard q/sgzgs0342—2020 "cold-rolled oriented electrical steel strips". it is superior to international and national standards, adding top and high-end marks with leading roles in industry development, and eliminating low-end marks. the precision requirements of more than ten indicators such as horizontal and vertical thickness differences are higher than those of national standards, while new requirements for the insulation resistance and adhesion of coatings have been added, and the technical level is in line with the standards of the enterprise standard "leader". shougang zhixin qian'an electromagnetic material co., ltd. focuses on standards first, gives full play to the dominant position of shougang electric steels in the industry, seizes every opportunity to upgrade its products, leads the development of products and technologies through standards, and sets a benchmark for the standardization of the steel industry.

in 2018, according to the "opinions of eight departments including the state administration for market regulation on implementing the enterprise standard 'leader' system", the related state departments vigorously promoted the enterprise standard "leader" system, aiming to increase the effective supply of medium and high-end products and services guided by high-level standards, as well as forming strong support for deepening standardization reform, promoting high-quality development and cultivating a number of pacesetter enterprises with innovative capabilities. the enterprise standard "leaders" are leading enterprise standards in terms of the core indicators of product or service standards. the selection of "leaders" is based on the disclosure and supervision system of enterprise standard self-declaration. according to the evaluation requirements of the "leader" standards of different products, a third-party evaluation agency conducts comparative evaluation on the open standard indicators of each enterprise, determines the standard "leaders" and dynamically adjusts the evaluation results on a regular basis. in line with relevant regulations, the certified enterprises can use the logo of "leader" when publicizing, promoting and selling their related products, thereby forming strong support for enterprises to improve their product quality, establish corporate brands and optimize the market environment.

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