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shougang environment accredited as "beijing municipal enterprise technology center"

release time:2023-01-10 09:52:26

recently, beijing municipal bureau of economy and information technology issued the "notice on announcing the list of the first batch of beijing municipal enterprise technology centers in 2022", and shougang environment was accredited as a "beijing municipal enterprise technology center". this accreditation shows the recognition of the beijing municipal government for the innovation and development achievements of shougang environment in such aspects as innovation benefits, technology accumulation, competitive advantages, revenue scale, r&d investment, and intellectual property rights, and it is also another important recognition obtained by shougang environment after being accredited as the national high-tech enterprise, beijing engineering research center and beijing "outstanding" small and medium-sized enterprise.

as an important platform company for shougang group to develop the environmental industry and build an urban environmental service provider, shougang environment has always adhered to development concept driven by sci-tech innovation, fully constructed the two-level r&d system closely integrated with industrial development, systematically built a sci-tech management and r&d team, clarified the three major functions of sci-tech management, sci-tech innovation and technological support, formulated working regulations and management systems, and set up r&d facilities including basic laboratories, environmental monitoring laboratories, detection & analysis laboratories and pilot test bases, so as to constantly improve the sci-tech innovation system, constantly enhance the capacity for sci-tech innovation, and play an important fundamental role in the sci-tech innovation activities of enterprises.

shougang environment has developed key technologies including construction waste recycling, soil remediation of contaminated sites, household waste incineration for power generation, kitchen garbage recycling, and smoke gas treatment; formed the technological system of treatment processes, key equipment, design methods, production technology and application technology; gained 94 patent grants; co-edited 16 national, local and industrial standards; and obtained 10 provincial and ministerial awards such as national environmental protection science and technology award, china metallurgical science and technology award and beijing science and technology progress award, and 9 shougang science and technology awards. these sci-tech achievements have effectively promoted the development of shougang’s environmental industry, and have been promoted externally, boosting the technological progress and development of china's solid waste recycling industry.

it is understood that "beijing municipal enterprise technology center" is an authoritative accreditation given by the beijing municipal government to the enterprise technology centers with strong technological innovation capacity and remarkable innovation achievements that play an important exemplary and guiding role. the  accreditation is designed to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, help the construction of beijing as an international sci-tech innovation center, carry out the development plan of high-tech industries in beijing during the 14th five-year plan period, strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in technological innovation by cultivating and guiding the construction of enterprise technology centers, guide and support enterprises to enhance their technological innovation capacity, and improve the market-based system that encourages technological innovation.

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