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shougang's high-end auto sheets show hardcore strength

release time:2023-01-03 10:22:25

high-strength outside plates such as the uf series and dp490 have been launched in china; many technical problems in ga outside plates have been overcome, such as landscape painting, black lines and under-alloy; the supply of japanese products has increased by 100% on a year-on-year basis; and standing out among 250 short-listed core suppliers, shougang became the only steel enterprise to win the "special contribution award" issued by byd... behind these outstanding achievements lies the practical achievement of shougang's "manufacturing service", a vivid witness to the effectiveness of promoting the integration of production, marketing and research, and strong support for laying a good foundation for high-quality development.

efficient collaboration

laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of auto sheets

regarding the group's deployments and arrangements, it was pointed out in shougang's report at the "two sessions" that it is necessary for auto sheet production to strengthen the work direction of "improving quality, enhancing efficiency and adjusting the structure", and take "outside plates  japanese series" as the core to build the brand advantages of shougang. ma jiaji, a first-class scientist from shougang, put forward the assembly order of "launching a general attack on auto sheets" at the special meeting on auto sheets at the beginning of the year. all units of shougang cooperated efficiently to overcome difficulties. focusing on the work direction of "taking quality work as the top priority, efficiency improvement as the key point of tackling key problems and structural adjustment as the determined pursuit", the qianshun technology center, manufacturing department, marketing center, steelmaking, hot rolling, cold rolling and other units started the journey towards "people being united to work together”.

shougang organizes the "special meeting on improving the quality of auto sheets" every month at which the relevant units fully discuss, summarize and analyze the key problems in such aspects as product quality and r&d. "product r&d and quality research are not independently completed in a process or by a department. only when everyone works together, thinks together and makes efforts together can the expected results be achieved," zhang yunhe, director of the auto sheet room of the manufacturing department, said.

as a "specialty" of carbon steel, the ga outside plate is favored by japanese car companies for its superior alloying performance, but its production difficulty is much higher than that of other products. "the ga outside plate has the characteristic of magnifying defects in the production process, just like installing a magnifying glass on defects. there are also mechanical problems in the alloying process which are still being studied, and the qualification rate of major iron and steel plants is not high," said wang chuan, an engineer from the qianshun technology center.

in order to improve the qualification rate of ga outside plate products, the qianshun technology center carried out systematic research on the product design, process formulation, mechanism analysis and technical service of ga varieties. the manufacturing department takes the lead in refining and implementing the work requirements of "good quality, low cost, high efficiency and timely delivery", continuously consolidating the consistent quality management and integrated manufacturing capability system of auto sheets, and organizing the whole process of steelmaking, hot rolling and cold rolling to carry out training in ga outside plates. the marketing center devotes its most elite strength to customer development and user services. everyone sticks to the production site and customer use site day and night, and even during holidays and festivals, tracks the product situation throughout the whole process, obtains first-hand information and detects, analyzes, improves and verifies any product defects in a timely manner.

after continuous exploration in practice and verification, quality problems that trouble production such as landscape painting, black lines and under-alloy have been gradually solved, and the qualification rate of ga outside plates has increased month by month, reaching the target value of 85%, by virtue of excellent professional knowledge, unremitting systematic research and the resolute implementation of the improvement plan.

releasing potential

opening up a new situation in the high-efficiency production of auto sheets throughout the whole process

with the continuous promotion of the structural adjustment of auto sheet products, production efficiency and new quality problems began to restrict production. breakthroughs were made in various processes including steelmaking, hot rolling and cold rolling, actively tapping the internal potential and continuously expanding the production capacity of high-end products.

with the important role of controlling the composition of auto sheets and the purity of molten steel, the steelmaking operation department is fundamental for ensuring successful auto sheet rolling. jia yi from the biotechnology office of the steelmaking operation department said, "as a high-end plate, the auto sheet has extremely high requirements for its process control ability. if one of 31 criteria is not met, the product will only be degraded. oxygen control around the whole process, steady casting and improving the output rate of o5-grade cast slabs are key to the efficient smelting of auto sheets." the steelmaking operation department focuses on improving quality and efficiency, and develops and applies the rapid analysis and grading system of purity in molten steel for the first time, which has shortened the analysis cycle by 18 minutes, greatly improved the analysis and judgment of purity in molten steel, and helped the product structure to upgrade to a high-end structure based on the development of the rapid sampling analysis system, formulation of rules for included foreign substances in different steel grades and batch processing of data in included foreign substances. to date, the proportion of outside plates has increased by 18% on a year-on-year basis, the output of japanese products has increased by 52.34% on a year-on-year basis and the output rate of o5-grade cast slabs of ga outside plates has increased by 4.33% on a year-on-year basis.

as the key link in auto sheet rolling, the hot rolling operation department should not only pay close attention to the surface quality of the hot rolling process, but also analyze surface defects in the downstream process. "for us, the biggest trouble is that problems can't be found, analyzed and improved in time when rolling ga outside plates because many of the impacts of hot rolling on surface quality will only be shown after pickling and alloying treatment in the cold rolling process," said cui erbao, director of the biotechnology office of the hot rolling operation department.

to this end, a research team was jointly set up by the hot rolling operation department, manufacturing department and qianshun technology center. during the production of ga outside plates, the team members always went to the site to publicize and implement key points in operation and surface control requirements to the operators. they tracked and escorted the whole rolling process, and carried out real-time process adjustment according to the surface quality of each coil to ensure the surface quality of hot coils. in terms of various defects fed back from the downstream, the team members quickly locked the key factors, consulted the literature to clarify the defect mechanisms, carried out process experiments and solidified the process parameters to meet the quality requirements.

the cold rolling company made bold attempts and active explorations, and completed the specification and variety expansion testing for two galvanizing lines. galvanizing line 1 broke through the equipment limit, completed the production of 1,870 mm and 1,890 mm limit specifications, and realized the testing of the new steel grade uf, creating favorable conditions for subsequent order receiving and delivery. through 25 equipment upgrades, galvanizing line 2 greatly broke through the equipment limit and gained the ability to produce outside plates stably in batches. the width of orders has exceeded 1,650 mm and the strength of products has expanded to 780 mpa, effectively undertaking the production capacity of line 1 and providing strong support for the product structure adjustment. adhering to the principle of "japanese byd outside plate" as the core, ma bingzhi, chief engineer of the cold rolling company, dug into the equipment, measured accuracy, checked drawings, made plans, followed the tests, addressed the most difficult shape problems and discovered the crux of the problem. the unilateral wave shape problem of japanese thick and narrow mild steel was solved through the cooperative control of "equipment process", thereby greatly reducing the amount of recoiling on cold and hard coils, and ensuring that byd's orders above 1,635 mm in width are 100% fulfilled.

exploiting markets

creating shougang’s brand advantages in auto sheets

shougang adheres to "manufacturing service", overcomes many adverse factors, seizes all opportunities and basically realizes the certification coverage of all steel grades of cooperative automobile enterprises through active communication with major automobile engine factories. its first product, the uf high-strength outside plate, won the favor of customers and praise of peers with its product advantages of "beautiful appearance, high quality, high gross profit, high efficiency, low cost and low selling price". these achievements were earned by the many technicians at the qianshun technology center, marketing center and cold rolling company through their responsibility and efforts.

in april this year, uf steel was officially supplied in batches to great wall motor, but setbacks were encountered in the stamping process of the first part, namely the outside plates for the front doors of the great wall b01. as this was the first mass production and supply of uf steel, production stability was of great significance for the further promotion and application of uf steel. facing the severe situation in which the first pass yield was less than 90%, jin lei of the qianshun technology center, accompanied by sun peng of the marketing center and zhang yonghai, zhong junhua and wang tao, representatives of great wall at the factory, overcame the impact of covid-19 and rushed to great wall motor’s baoding xushui stamping base to provide technical support. they ate and took a break with the die repairers of great wall, worked synchronously, tracked the production of parts for the front door outside plates in three consecutive batches, understood the stamping conditions on site and assisted great wall in the all-round troubleshooting of molds and uf materials. on the basis of collecting a large amount of data, they successfully obtained the best material properties and stamping parameters for the flanging process, and instructed the customer to harden the dies. finally, they successfully solved the problem of the flanging and dezincification of the uf steel, and the first pass yield of parts reached over 98%, winning the customer’s recognition. "opening up the market with innovative products and winning customers through excellent quality and caring services," said guan jiandong, chief engineer of the qianshun technology center, with mixed feelings.

focusing on firmly grasping the rapid increment opportunity of new energy vehicles, shougang has continuously deepened its partnership with byd and continuously increased its share of supplies, realizing the coverage of byd's whole base, all steel plates and all varieties. in the supply guarantee for byd's new car project, the service team was seamlessly connected and uninterruptedly guaranteed the supply and organized the emergency delivery of materials for mold tests used in several models in an orderly manner; in the supply guarantee for new models and blanking dies at the new base, the one-time acceptance was qualified, ensuring the rapid progress of byd's new base towards reaching its target output when put into production. facing the problem of supply interruptions for materials from other suppliers during covid-19, the service team insisted on the customer-centered principle, met the urgent needs of the changsha base and changzhou base, efficiently coordinated and organized internal and external resources, and completed the delivery of more than 2,000 tons of outside plate materials for the whole process in only ten days to solve the urgent needs of its customer. the byd purchasing center, changsha base and other units have called and sent letters many times to express their gratitude. shougang's service team always demonstrate the hardcore attitude of pulling together, shouldering responsibilities and winning at critical moments.

since the beginning of the year, the sales volume of auto sheets in the main engine factory of shougang has been expected to increase by 15% on a year-on-year basis, realizing a four-fold year-on-year increase in byd's supply and continuing to take root in japanese automobile enterprises, with supply quantity increasing by 100% on a year-on-year basis. under the background of descending market prices, the comprehensive price of shougang's auto sheets has greatly outperformed the industry and made positive contributions to the company's operating profit.

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