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shougang jingtang named "2022 national quality model"

release time:2022-12-23 17:09:40

recently, shougang jingtang's project, "construction and implementation experience based on spc process management quality control mode", achieved good results in the activity to select and exchange typical experience of quality models in 2022 organized by china association for quality. it was rated as "national quality model" and became one of the six typical experiences in china.

by using the spc process management quality control mode, taking the quality system as the standard, and focusing on the production process, jingtang has built a user-to-user consistent quality management platform, and realized traceability analysis and management of the whole production process. it has made full use of information technology to reduce the intensity and subjectivity of manual statistics. it has realized the systematic evaluation of each spc control point from data point collection, accuracy check, data processing and application configuration, to optimization and perfection of spc analysis function, outlier analysis, data cleaning, and analytical application. in practical applications, based on spc, it has also established and improved process stability indexes and special indicators such as caster, rolling mill and furnace area. with deep implementation, parameters such as fluctuation of caster liquid level, rolling mill temperature and air tightness of furnace area have been obviously improved, playing a key role in improving product quality consistency.

in order to implement the relevant requirements of the "notice of the general office of the ministry of industry and information technology on improving industrial quality and brand construction in 2022", this year, the ministry of industry and information technology continued to guide china association for quality to organize the activity to select and exchange typical experience of national quality models. this activity is designed to stimulate and guide enterprises to apply advanced quality management modes, standards, tools and methods, deepen quality improvement and innovation, continuously improve the quality management level of enterprises, enhance the quality of products, services and business development, and summarize experience to form exemplary quality management methods that can be promoted and used for reference, so as to promote the joint improvement of the quality management level of enterprises and boost the cultivation and construction of high-quality enterprises with excellent products, outstanding brands, leading innovation capacity, modern governance and core competitiveness. the named enterprises represent the advanced level of quality management nationwide, and provide reference and demonstration of typical experience in quality management for the industry.

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