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writing a glorious chapter of youth serving the people

release time:2022-12-23 17:15:13

this is an ordinary youth volunteer service team, but it has achieved many seemingly ordinary but great feats. over the past 40 years, facing the call of the party and the needs of the motherland and masses, generations of members of the shougang youth volunteer service corps have continued to strive forward with youth and enthusiasm. in the fiery practice of serving the people, they have written their loyalty to the party and the people with their hard toil and sweat, interpreted "greatness in the ordinary" through their actions and presented the youth outlook of china in the new era.

the shougang youth volunteer service corps is a youth volunteer service organization under the leadership of the shougang party committee and specifically under the responsibility of the shougang youth league committee. it originated from the lei feng group of the shougang youth league committee established in march 1982, and was officially renamed the shougang youth volunteer service corps in june 2021. by november 2022, there were 2,208 real-name registered volunteers. led by the superior league organization and shougang party committee, the shougang youth league committee united and led the majority of its young members to continue to struggle with their youth and enthusiasm, contribute to society with voluntary service, constantly enrich the connotations of the volunteering spirit and show the passion of young shougang volunteers with "the overall situation in mind, selfless dedication, unity and mutual aid, self-determination, perseverance and hard work". it has also won the highest honor that can be granted to chinese youth collectives, namely "china youth may fourth medal collective", as well as such titles as china youth volunteer excellent organization, national learning from lei feng "best voluntary service organization", beijing 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games advanced collective, etc.

on the course of this glorious journey, the volunteer service spirit of shougang has always burned brightly. over the past 40 years, the shougang youth volunteer service corps has never stopped. with the promise to "serve the people", its members have spent 40 years interpreting the original aspirations, keeping the mission in mind and contributing the vigorous and forward-looking strength of their youth.

youth volunteers shine at the winter olympics

as the official venue for the beijing 2022 winter olympics and the location of the beijing winter olympic park, shougang park has attracted global attention. the century-old park with "steel and softness" is "sparkling with ice and fire". in shougang park, "blessed land of double gold medals", a group of vibrant youth made "volunteer blue" an indispensable color this winter.

in providing services for the winter olympics, shougang's winter olympics service guarantee youth team assembled 28 youth commandos; successfully constructed 26 winter olympics projects such as big air shougang with a combined area of 400,000 m2; and selected three national young post experts to supervise the welding quality of the big air steel structures, thereby ensuring that the 57,867-meter welds on more than 4,000 tons of steel structures passed their acceptance checks. the youth civilization unit was established to serve 28,703 important meetings over more than 2,000 days, providing all-round services to the winter olympic organizing committee and teams of national short track speed skating, figure skating, curling, ice hockey, etc. detailed support was provided in terms of national team closed-loop control, ice training, accommodation and catering, etc., so as to achieve zero complaints about the major service guarantees. after the opening of the beijing winter olympics, the shougang youth league committee, as one of the leading units of the human resources and volunteers working group under the shougang group‘s winter olympics support headquarters, organized the recruitment of young volunteers to directly participate in the service guarantee of the winter olympics. a total of 192 young shougang volunteers from actively volunteered for the front line with national honor in mind. with robust enthusiasm and a rigorous attitude, they continued to work for 66 days and provided more than 15,000 hours of volunteer service, successfully completing all the various volunteer service tasks.

guaranteeing the winter olympics is a national event, and getting married is a life event. when the two events collided, a young couple in shougang's service team took the initiative to postpone their wedding and chose a "rendezvous upon pure ice and snow".

zhao jianhao is the big air shougang customer service supervisor of the winter olympics property management division of beijing shougang park comprehensive service co., ltd. in october 2021, he was transferred to the big air venue operation team to serve as the manager of the waste removal field. his fiancée, song lina, is the winter olympics project customer service supervisor of the winter olympics property management division of beijing shougang park comprehensive service co., ltd. they originally planned to hold their wedding during the spring festival this year, but they were both too busy working on olympic services. in january 1st of this year, zhao jianhao entered closed-loop management. he discussed the matter with song lina and they decided to postpone their wedding until after the winter olympics.

late on the night of february 13th, when the snow suddenly fell, zhao jianhao immediately started the emergency plan. at around 3:00 a.m., he began to organize the cleaning and waste removal personnel to clean the venue, stands and seats, and protect the periphery. they braved the snow and strived to ensure the smooth progress of the next day's competition. after entering closed-loop management, zhao jianhao was largely responsible for the cleaning of the big air venue. he led the service team to overcome such challenges as tight integration time, multiple business communication lines, heavy environmental site debugging tasks and multiple emergency handling tasks, and strived for excellence in order to ensure the smooth holding of the event. they cleaned and disinfected 30,000 m2 of land every day, and plowed 50,000 m2 of ice and snow each time.

while zhao jianhao was in charge of cleaning the venues, song lina was in charge of ensuring services. they were both at the front line of the service guarantee for the winter olympics. they said, "we were quite excited when we first got the service assignment for the winter olympics. when it came to the wedding conflict, we had a little emotional wobble, but it quickly dissipated. it was because we knew that the wedding could be postponed, but the opportunity to serve the winter olympics might only come once in a lifetime. since we were lucky enough to participate, we had to do a good job in the service guarantee. whenever we were busy from morning till night, after a day's work, we cared for and encouraged each other via video on our phones. in doing so, we got ourselves ready for a new day of serving the olympic games with the utmost enthusiasm."

the two worked in a closed loop, but could not see each other. the winter olympics witnessed their struggling youth.

as young shougang volunteers, they served the winter olympics at the "doorstep". the volunteers all appreciated this opportunity. the majority of volunteers stayed at their posts during the event. although close to the stadium, they were unable to see the amazing historic moments of gu ailing and su yiming. they came up with the slogan "i listen to the winter olympics at shougang" and the working standards of "no off-duty, no mistakes and no exceptions". they ignored the regret of "not being able to watch the games at home" and remembered the wonder of "the winter olympics is more exciting because of me". with an attitude of excellence and strict discipline, they made "volunteer blue" shine brilliantly in shougang park in winter, presenting the image of sunny, confident and open chinese youths to guests from all over the world.

"february 1st, 2019 was an unforgettable day for me. on this day, i witnessed the general secretary's visit to shougang park, and i also picked up the wireless microphone i had tuned to make an important speech. it was my happiest moment, and i felt so proud!" talking about the arrival of the general secretary, hua kan from beijing shougang automation information technology co., ltd. still could not hide his excitement: "we prepared four microphones, and i took all four with me that day. standing next to the general secretary, i was so nervous that my palms were sweaty, but i finally completed the task successfully."

"the arrival of the general secretary was a great encouragement to us. we were determined to continue our mission to ensure that the multimedia devices would be ‘error-free', and successfully complete all tasks of the service guarantee for the winter olympics." feeling excited and motivated, hua kan always kept in mind the general secretary's instructions and worked hard to ensure good service. during the winter olympics, hua kan became a p1 member of the organizing committee, responsible for the technical preparations of big air shougang. it took less than two days to complete the deployment of more than 50 commentator information terminals covering the entire venue. in the face of difficult problems, hua kan relied on the experience he had accumulated in major activities to solve them one by one, racing against the clock to debug. "as we were the first to deploy among all venues in beijing, we had no experience to learn from and could only solve the problems ourselves. i fought along with my team for 36 hours in a row. when problems arose, we studied and solved them immediately. if we didn't have enough time, we wouldn't sleep. we were never intimidated by difficulties." in the end, he worked with his team to make anything possible, and finished all device commissioning tasks before the closed-loop node was officially started in the venue.

hua kan completed his self-tempering through various major service guarantee tasks. he explained his responsibility and dedication with practical actions, saying proudly, "only loyalty can be responsible, and innovation and dedication are meaningful. as a youth of shougang in the new era, i wanted to be down-to-earth and based on my position, always accumulate energy and sprinkle light and heat on shougang's journey of high-quality development, and live up to the ardent hopes of the party."

the call of "joyful rendezvous upon pure ice and snow, together with the winter olympics" clanged in the hot land of shougang park. when gu ailing and su yiming won the gold medals on big air shougang, the group showed the world the heritage and transformation results of a century-old steel enterprise. when the winter olympics came to a successful conclusion and the organizing committee and athletes from various countries gave their thumbs up to the service guarantee, shougang's young volunteers showed the enthusiasm and vigor of chinese youth to the world.

as the backbone of the project, zhou jie from the shougang research institute of technology participated in the r&d of 1,000 mpa-grade fire-resistant and weather-resistant bolt steel for the high-quality completion of the referee tower at big air shougang. meanwhile, she was a volunteer providing rebroadcast services at the venue.

gao yue from the shougang institute of technology served as a member of the shougang winter olympics volunteer inspectorate, deputy secretary of the volunteer league branch and leader of the covid-19 prevention and control team. on the third day after undergoing surgery, she returned to her post soon after having her dressings changed, and led the torch relay as the 17th pole bearer. she stayed on the spot for four hours to ensure that the torch relay was foolproof.

guo xi from beijing shougang international engineering technology co., ltd. worked in the venue communication center of big air shougang. he got up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for work and stayed at his post until about 9 p.m. he repeated this in a closed loop for over 20 days.

chai bikun from the china shougang international trade & engineering corporation worked in the field of rights and interests protection, and detected and removed non-compliant commercial displays in time. when big air shougang witnessed the historic moment of china's victory, chai bikun could not turn his attention to the winners, but looked more intently into the audience to deal with the unexpected.

jiang meng from shougang environmental industry co., ltd. worked as a personnel assistant in the field of venue personnel management. on new year's eve, with red hands and legs numb from cold, she completely arranged and distributed nearly a thousand sets of supplies until dark.

with years of the accumulation of skills in their respective fields, steel-willed perseverance and the day and night expectation of successfully completing the service guarantee, they burned with the fighting spirit of youth, interpreted dedication with service and raised a flag in their respective posts. serving the winter olympics was an honor and a baptism for the youth of shougang. the selfless and silent dedication of shougang's youth turned into "volunteer blue" shining in the winter olympics.

shougang has been associated with the olympics twice, and the shougang youth volunteer service corps has also become one of the few "dual olympics" youth volunteer organizations that have served the olympics twice. during the 2008 beijing olympic games, 123 olympic driver volunteers from shougang provided transportation services. they also formed three civilized cheerleaders for the olympic athletes. with their youth and sweat, they embodied the phrase "the smile of volunteers is the best business card of beijing". in may of this year, the central committee of the communist youth league and all-china federation of youth decided to award "26th china youth may fourth medal collective" to the shougang winter olympics service guarantee youth team. this is the highest honor awarded by the central committee of the communist youth league and all-china federation of youth.

the volunteer spirit is passed down from generation to generation

volunteering helps to warm people's hearts, and the spirit of lei feng is passed down from generation to generation. the predecessor of the shougang youth volunteer service general team, namely the shougang ccyl committee team of learning from lei feng, has taken "serving the people" as its fundamental purpose, original intention and mission since its establishment in 1982. generations of young people have continuously dedicated their youthful blood. the times change but youth progresses through in one continuous line. the spirit of utter devotion to serving the people has been passed down from generation to generation among shougang youths. the relay baton has been passed down from "post-50s" to "post-60s", "post-70s" and "post-80s" and then to "post-90s" and "post-00s", and will continue to be passed down.

in the past 40 years, shougang youths have struggled with their youth and enthusiasm, contributed to society with volunteer services, constantly enriched the connotations of the volunteer spirit and demonstrated the strong passion of shougang's young volunteers.

"lei feng is a model of the times, and the spirit of lei feng is eternal," bi lubo, principal of shougang ccyl committee, said with emotion. "the shougang youth volunteer service general team takes the spirit of utter devotion as its essence, and volunteer service, which is highly compatible with learning from lei feng, as an important carrier for inheriting the spirit of lei feng in the new era, which makes his spirit last forever. reviewing the course of the hard struggle, our youth volunteer service general team has always insisted on drawing the strength to advance from the deeds of the older generation of shougang serving the people, and passed down and carried forward the spirit of utter devotion to serving the people from generation to generation since the beginning of its establishment."

it is easy to write stories, but it is hard to eulogize years. time goes back to the last century. zhao deyi, a model worker of shougang, has given people free haircuts for more than half a century, which is a clear footnote of the times of "serving the people".

in 1964, the activity of learning from lei feng reached its climax, and zhao deyi began to cut hair for the people around him free of charge. after he retired, he often volunteered to cut hair in nursing homes and kindergartens. in the past 47 years, he has gone through more than a dozen clippers and more than a dozen razors at his own expense, and volunteered to give more than 30,000 haircuts without interruption. after learning about zhao deyi's good deeds, china national radio broadcast them on the program "little horn", which caused great repercussions.

liu guangzhen, an ordinary retired employee of the shougang special steel company, donated blood without repayment to save the lives of his comrades in arms when he studied flight at qingdao naval aviation school in the 1950s, and was called the first person to donate blood without repayment in new china. meanwhile, he was also the winner of the first golden cup for "blood donation" in china. from 1954 to 1997, he donated blood to critical patients 40 times without repayment, with the amount reaching 8,000 ml.

shougang youths took over the relay baton of the spirit of utter devotion from the elder generation and wrote the responsibility of the times in their selfless contributions. since the 1980s, the majority of young shougang volunteers have inherited the spirit of their ancestors, used their spare time to carry out a series of volunteer services such as giving haircuts, repairing bicycles and matching keys, and gone into the community to do chores and clean for the elderly, weak, sick and disabled. from 1988 to 1994, the activity of "sending warmth to lonely elderly people" was carried out for six consecutive years, which deeply moved the recipients.

generations of shougang youths are down-to-earth and determined to practice the spirit of lei feng. generations of young people continue to inherit that spirit with the natural kindness of humanity. there are countless ordinary but great stories.

in 2019, china's anti-poverty war entered a critical stage to determine victory, and china planned to build tibet technician college, the first technical college in tibet to train high-skilled talents. the shougang group actively responded to the call of the beijing municipal party committee to aid tibet, and prepared to send a professional welding technician to support the preparation and teaching of tibet technician college. after hearing the news, zhang xiazhou who was engaged in research on the weldability of new steel grades and the development of welding materials at the user technology research institute of the shougang technology research institute, signed up without hesitation and volunteered to participate in the task of aiding tibet. zhang xiazhou said very excitedly, "it's particularly meaningful and valuable to use what i've learned and i'm good at to help tibet build a technician college and cultivate high-skilled talents." after several rounds of selection by superior organizations, zhang xiazhou became a glorious member of the ninth batch of cadres sent to aid tibet in beijing.

at that time, zhang xiazhou and his wife had only been married for just over five months. the day after he received the news about the mission to aid tibet, he learned the good news that his wife was pregnant. zhang xiazhou's wife and family knew of his determination to aid tibet, and became his strongest supporting force.

it was less than one month before the departure time from the assignment to aid tibet. zhang xiazhou sorted out such contents as the construction of the training room and the discipline construction and teaching of the welding specialty in the welding training room of shougang technician college, and earnestly studied the development history of tibet, knowledge about adapting to a plateau environment, local customs and living habits, etc. after arriving in tibet, zhang xiazhou overcame severe high altitude sickness and quickly took up his position. in order to meet the needs of online teaching under the pandemic situation, he returned to tibet ahead of schedule to be devoted to his work after the spring festival, and offered to extend the one-year period to aid tibet.

as the only cadre from beijing shougang, 31-year-old zhang xiazhou participated in preparations to build tibet technician college with "zero foundations" and fully demonstrated the good image of shougang's young cadres with perfect style, excellent quality and practical achievements. during his two years in tibet, he did a lot of fruitful work by training practical talents in welding skills, and contributed to filling the gap in the education of skilled workers in tibet and opening a new chapter in the coverage of skilled workers all over china. tibet technician college evaluated him as follows: he is lofty in an oxygen-deficient environment. he works hard and is not afraid of hardship. he occupies a lofty realm at high altitude.

"teacher, thank you for helping me. i always knew that you were kind to me. i'm in an internship now and i can earn money. please rest assured..." this is a short message that was sent to shao guofeng by abudu rezeke, a uighur student in his class, when he aided xinjiang as a volunteer teacher from the shougang talent development institute after he became an internship. although shao guofeng has read it many times, his eyes fill with tears every time.

at the end of 2019, shao guofeng, who had just graduated from the special training class for young cadres of shougang, learned that the group was selecting and sending cadres to aid xinjiang, and he volunteered to the party committee of the college to support frontier construction in china. in october 2020, shao guofeng became a member of the team to aid xinjiang from beijing, and as the leader of the team of volunteer teachers aiding xinjiang in the first batch appointed by the beijing municipal human resources and social security bureau, he led the team in unit-to-unit aid for hotan technician college. he also formed deep teacher-student friendships with his students in 2020.

shao guofeng often paid close attention to his student abudu rezeke. he once noticed that he had stopped playing basketball. he learned from abudu rezeke's classmates that his basketball shoes were broken, but he couldn't afford to buy new shoes because he was from a poor family. seeing this, shao guofeng was very distressed. he spent his free time to buy a pair of basketball shoes according to an estimate of his student's shoe size. in order to take abudu rezeke's self-esteem into account, shao guofeng specially wore this pair of shoes when he taught, and "complained" that they were "too small". after school the next day, shao guofeng found abudu rezeke and said that the shoes were too small but it would be very wasteful to throw them away, so he gave them to abudu rezeke. looking at mr. shao's sincere face, abudu rezeke blushed. he accepted the shoes, bowed deeply and thanked him, then ran away happily.

every generation has its own mission and responsibilities. in various historical periods, shougang youths have unswervingly listened to the party's words and followed its instructions. under the strong leadership of the group's party committee, the communist youth league of shougang has united and led generations of shougang youths to make important contributions to the development of shougang over the past century, contributing youthful strength to national development and the people's happiness.

in the 1980s, hu jinli, a young worker from a building workshop at shougang repair factory, was cordially received by the party and state leaders in zhongnanhai as an advanced individual who learned from lei feng; xiao jian, who came from a middle school for children in the mining industry, sacrificed himself to save others and was awarded the title of "model member of the communist youth league of sacrificing oneself to save others" by the beijing municipal communist youth league committee.

in the 1990s, ji gang from the shougang beijing steel and iron company sacrificed himself to protect state property, and was awarded a first-class merit by the municipal public security bureau; zheng wenbin from steelmaking factory no. 2 and zhou qinjian and ji suren, employees of shougang, persisted in learning from lei feng for ten years, and won the medal for "young volunteers in the capital".

over the years, young doctors from shougang hospital have gone to ningcheng county center hospital, siziwang banner people's hospital and mo banner people's hospital in inner mongolia to provide unit-to-unit assistance. among them, ran mingshan from the massage department of shougang hospital has provided compulsory rehabilitation treatment for herders in alpine regions for many years, and relieved the pain of the patients, which has been highly praised by local herders.

in the new century, shougang experienced an unprecedented relocation. after shougang beijing shijingshan iron and steel stopped production in the main process, many employees went to work in hebei. the majority of young volunteers provided employment consultation, academic counseling and other voluntary services for employees' families and children with a focus on the needs of employees from different places, which won widespread praise.

volunteer service "sparkles into a torch"

there is faith in the heart and strength under the feet. the shougang youth volunteer service general team adheres to the spirit of serving the people and moves forward humbly and firmly. the immortal torch of its spirit burns brightly.

"spread youth on the great journey of national rejuvenation, write youth in the vivid practices of capital development in the new era and contribute youthful strength to the cause of the party and the people." in these words, we can sense the energetic and uplifting spirit of shougang youths in the new era, and feel the power of living up to glorious youth and the times.

significant service guarantee activities are the fine tradition and distinctive feature of shougang youths, as well as the concentrated reflection of their political responsibilities. at the 2021 and 2022 china international fair for trade in services (ciftis), the shougang youth volunteer service general team elaborately organized and made careful arrangements, and more than 200 shougang youth volunteers provided services for exhibitors and citizens including consultation and guidance, guest reception, civilized dining, traffic guidance, broadcasting in an exhibition area and interpretation in foreign languages, with the cumulative service time exceeding 14,000 hours.

september 3rd, 2022 was the opening day and public day of ciftis, and there were countless lively crowds in shougang park. at 4:00 p.m., dark clouds gradually enveloped the sky and it briefly rained cats and dogs, which caught the tourists by surprise. cao zihao, a young volunteer from beijing shougang automation information technology co., ltd., was responsible for evacuating tourists and maintaining order in the third high-speed railway group. he and the team leader stood guard at entrance no. 7 of the high-speed railway park, where only a small staircase above their heads sheltered them from the wind and rain. in the sudden rainstorm, the tourists frantically searched for shelter from the downpour. seeing a mother and daughter struggling with their luggage nearby, cao zihao took the initiative to invite them to stand in his post and take shelter from the rain. looking around, an exhibitor with a container passed by and cao zihao went up to help: "you should come with me and take shelter from the rain first." "the rain is too heavy, so please come here and stand for a while." "there's still some room. please come with me and shelter from the rain." cao zihao quickly gathered seven or eight tourists in his small post while he stood outside in a raincoat. recalling the scene at that time, cao zihao said, "as a volunteer, tourists seeking help should see me first, so i can give them the best shelter and try to protect them from being caught in the heavy rain." the mother and daughter with the luggage said, "this young fellow from shougang is very enthusiastic and helped many people take shelter from the rain. although it's cold on such a rainy day, his every word is warm in our hearts." cao zihao stuck to his post in the rain, embodied the volunteer spirit of shougang youths with practical actions and warmed the hearts of tourists with his enthusiasm and responsibility.

in the service guarantee work for ciftis, a young bespectacled volunteer with a tall and upright posture, winning enthusiasm and a cordial smile provided guests with guidance and inquiry services. this was li bo, a young employee from shougang's jitai'an company. on the second day after the opening of ciftis, li bo found an id card on the roadside about 10 meters from the southwest entrance and exit of the venue. he immediately realized that id cards are very important to everyone under the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and the owner must be very anxious to find that he had lost his id card. at that moment, li bo needed to be on duty in time to carry out his voluntary service, so he handed the id card to the staff at the security checkpoint in the hopes that the owner would be contacted as soon as possible and the id card returned. in the afternoon, the owner was reunited with his lost id card, and he thanked li bo through the security staff at the ciftis venue: "although i don't know your name or who you are, this noble quality of being concerned for others, considerate about others and helping others deeply touched me! thank you, shougang volunteer!"

dedication is the most beautiful language of volunteers and a bright smile is their best business card. during ciftis, shougang's young volunteers became a unique presence of enthusiastic and professional service, fully demonstrating shougang's responsibility as a state-owned enterprise and the style of young people. a total of 22 shougang youths were awarded "excellent volunteers at ciftis in 2022" by the volunteer service team of the ciftis executive committee.

a new era has begun and shougang has entered a new period of development. shougang's young volunteers made efforts continuously and unswervingly, causing bright green buds to constantly sprout on the lofty trees of volunteer service and helping the spirit of utter devotion to keep its youthful vitality forever.

shougang has participated in the volunteer service project of chairman mao memorial hall for 11 years and selected 230 outstanding young volunteers in ten batches. they have helped with more than 16,000 wheelchairs and baby carriages, received more than 2 million visitors and offered services for more than 17,000 hours. zeng zhi from the shougang technology research institute is one of them. he said, "youth is for struggling, personal growth is inseparable from enterprises, and youth without regrets can only be won through hard work and dedication." in 2018, zeng zhi participated in the volunteer service of chairman mao memorial hall on behalf of the shougang group, and served as the temporary party branch secretary, leading more than 40 young volunteers to stand guard beside the great leader. for him, this was an unforgettable volunteer service experience: "being able to stand guard beside a great leader was undoubtedly a moral sublimation and a spiritual gift. for more than ten days, volunteer service was like a short trip, and it gave me many precious qualities, beautiful memories and a deeper understanding of the spirit of ‘dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress'." it was his volunteer service in chairman mao memorial hall that started zeng zhi's volunteering journey. he was seen at major events such as the beijing summit of the forum on china-africa cooperation (2018), second belt and road forum for international cooperation, and conference on dialogue of asian civilizations (2019).

shougang youths have successfully completed the service guarantee work related to major events such as the 2008 olympic games, 2009 shanghai world expo, 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china, 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of china and ciftis in 2021. during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of china, 93 young volunteers provided information consultation, civilized guidance, cultural promotion and other urban volunteer services; 14 drivers in floats provided volunteer services for the mass parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china; 20 young volunteers participated in services for the second belt and road forum for international cooperation; 15 volunteers participated in serving the conference on dialogue of asian civilizations; 20 volunteers participated in services for the international horticultural exhibition 2019 beijing china; 40 volunteers served the boiling snow beijing international ski federation snowboard big air world cup...

in the special period of fighting against covid-19, shougang youths lived up to their mission, retrograded to fight in the name of youth, shouted "i come", "i go", "i am not afraid" and "i will not retreat" loudly, and built a solid line of defense with their lives. they said: "we dedicate our youth to our country with no regrets!"

covid-19 was raging. according to the medical treatment needs of the epidemic and the unified arrangements of the beijing municipal health commission and shougang group, peking university shougang hospital quickly organized and launched an emergency medical rescue team to go to wuhan, hubei province, the front line of the fight against the epidemic. the young medical care staff of shougang hospital actively asked for battle assignments. tang weiliang, a nurse in the intensive care department, and kou siyu, a nurse in the department of respiratory and critical care medicine, were successfully selected for the emergency medical rescue team.

in 2020, the newly married tang weiliang took his wife home to spend the spring festival together for the first time. during the holiday, the head nurse notified the work wechat group that a medical team would be organized by the hospital to go to wuhan, and that nurses of critical illnesses would be needed. tang weiliang in his hometown was originally arranged to participate in the follow-up echelon, but he insisted on participating in the first echelon. "i'll buy an air ticket and come back to beijing immediately!" he kept sending wechat messages to the head nurse: "now i'll fly back to beijing." "please talk to the director of the nursing department and help me sign up!" his newly married wife, who was also a nurse, gave tang weiliang her warmest support. as the only male nurse in the team, 32-year-old tang weiliang said concisely and full of determination and courage to win: "if there's a war, we'll return when we're called. we'll return quickly and win the war!"

the epidemic was like a fire and responsibility was like a mountain. shougang youths blew the horn of battle against the epidemic. kou siyu, a young post-90s nurse in the department of respiratory and critical care medicine of peking university shougang hospital, was the youngest member of the rescue team. knowing that she would rush to the "front line", her parents were very supportive, and many friends called to encourage her: "we must win this battle of epidemic prevention and control!" kou siyu's youthful smile and determined eyes became the epitome of countless young medical workers.

upon the outbreak of covid-19, shougang youths stood up boldly, took the initiative to fight and act positively, and quickly joined the front line of epidemic prevention and control to assist in nucleic acid detection, material handling, disinfection in the environment and other tasks, and participate in local epidemic prevention and control work routinely. league cadres at all levels, 267 youth commandos and more than 4,000 young league members joined the front line to participate in epidemic prevention and control, and work and production resumption. league organizations at all levels actively responded to the call and mobilized young league members to carry out their work based on the actual situation. a volunteer team of network civilization in epidemic prevention and control was actively set up, and 144 young workers volunteered to join. various publicity works such as "expression pack of shougang's fight against covid-19", short videos and posters were released.

in recent years, shougang's young volunteers have also insisted on visiting grass-roots communities and construction sites to provide community residents and building workers with various voluntary services such as free clinical treatment. they have participated in the "warm winter with clothes" activities organized by the beijing municipal communist youth league committee for six consecutive years, and donated more than 5,500 warm coats such as cotton-padded jackets and down jackets to people in poverty-stricken areas; they have actively participated in the education aid project for teenagers themed "i have a home in beijing" in hotan, xinjiang, and the majority of young volunteers voluntarily donated rmb 140,516.44 and donated 39,233 mandarin books.

history flows endlessly and the volunteering spirit is passed down from generation to generation. nowadays, voluntary service has turned into spiritual strength and integrated into the bloodline of shougang youths. the shougang youth volunteer service general team has never changed its original intention from 40 years ago. shougang youths use their youth as the pen and struggle as the ink, sprinkle their youthful blood, write the splendid chapter of youth serving the people with passion and dreams, and shine brightly with the brilliant rays of youth in the new era!

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