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venture commune rated among outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises in beijing

release time:2022-12-19 17:07:10

recently, the beijing municipal bureau of economy and information technology issued the notice on announcing the list of the fourth batch of outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises in beijing in 2022, in which beijing venture commune investment development co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “venture commune”) was rated among the “outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises in beijing in 2022”.

venture commune was established in may 2013. its main investors include shougang fund, shoucheng holdings, jingguorui state-owned enterprise reform and development fund, shunwei capital, etc. it has become a well-known brand of industrial space operation and service in the field of urban renewal in china.

starting from the incubator 1.0 model and keeping pace with industrial development and urban renewal, venture commune has upgraded to enter the current industrial convergence service 3.0 stage after nine years of leapfrog development. at present, venture commune is the leading enterprise in the beijing smart manufacturing industrial park. focusing on scientific and technological innovation industries such as smart cars, intelligent manufacturing, next-generation information technology, medical devices and new energy, it has successfully built six industrial innovation convergence belts: zhongguancun, shougang park, yizhuang, core area, shunyi and south central axis. it provides industrial space and industrial upgrading services for beijing’s industrial agglomeration, successfully serving xiaomi, bytedance,, beijing foxconn and other leading industrial enterprises, as well as 18,000 innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. it has an industrial service scale of nearly 1 million m2 and has entered the foremost rank in beijing. it has also won more than 60 qualifications and honors such as “national incubator”, “national maker space” and “beijing high-tech business incubator”.

adhering to the mission of “empowering industrial convergence and helping innovative development”, venture commune will push forward the implementation of its “three 1 million” goals in the future in order to realize the sustainable growth of revenue and profits from the six product combinations of space, content, services, capital, technology and branding. guiding leading industrial enterprises to develop in depth through various channels, it combines the carrier operation of industrial parks to build the service mode of the open innovation of large enterprises and coordinated development of small and medium-sized enterprises, continues to explore the whole ecological chain industrial service of “investment-research-production-marketing”, better serves the aggregation and development of outstanding innovative enterprises, and moves forward into the next development stage of “industrial symbiosis”.

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