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thank-you letter from exhibition & event group of ciftis executive committee praise for shougang’s service guarantee

release time:2022-11-21 16:32:41

recently, the exhibition & event group of the ciftis executive committee sent a thank-you letter praising the shougang group for its efforts in providing good services and making positive contributions to the success of ciftis 2022.

the thank-you letter read, “as the leading unit of the venue construction and operation support of the 2022 ciftis executive committee, you have planned and implemented the 2.0 version upgrade plan of shougang park, provided important venue facilities guarantees and formulated a number of site operation promotion plans. this greatly enhanced the participation experience of this ciftis in shougang park and made positive contributions to the success of ciftis 2022. we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you!”

holding a distinctive and fruitful ciftis is a practical action to greet the victory of the 12th national congress. the shougang group party committee attached great importance to this and specially formulated the shougang park comprehensive service guarantee plan for ciftis 2022. on the basis of ciftis 2021, it proposed to build ciftis service guarantee version 2.0, focusing on improving transformation, functions and vitality. the group and all related units worked together to forge ahead practically, adhering to the goal of “better venues, better functions and a better experience”.

shougang park further transformed its industrial heritage, adding four multi-functional meeting rooms in three sites, with 17 meeting rooms in total; 2,336 m2 of paved roads in the ciftis area; 12,000 m2 of walk-in lawns between the two open exhibition halls; and 6,515 m2 of decorated lawns at the seven main landscape nodes. public service facilities such as catering, car ferry, public toilets, parking lots, etc. were also added to bring more visitors a more convenient and comfortable experience. after the united struggle of shougang cadres and workers, the task was successfully completed and a satisfactory result was handed over, winning the widespread recognition of all sectors of society.

during ciftis, the number of daily diners reaches tens of thousands, so shougang park commenced its “night mode”. industrial relics such as big air shougang, qunming lake, the blast furnaces, coke ovens, coal bunkers, stock bins, etc. had a unique charm under the lights. the gourmet restaurants scattered in the park attracted a large number of tourists, such as ju bao yuan, crisp roast duck and shangbrew. at chang’an mills, jiuben izakaya, xiao diao li tang, ban tian yao, bigpizza, etc. were full of guests... shougang park continues to unleash fresh vitality in new ways.

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