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party representative zingler jizigle preaches spirit of 20th cpc national congress at grassroots

release time:2022-11-28 16:27:30

on october 24th and 26th, zingler jizigle, the representative of the 20th cpc national congress and shougang institute of technology, successively preached the spirit of the congress to shougang’s cadres and workers in the institute of technology and institute of talent development, and shared her feelings about participating in the event.

on the platform of the institute of talent development, zingler jizigle talked about her feelings of attending the congress, and it was still difficult for her to hide her excitement. she said, “walking into the great hall of the people and listening to general secretary xi jinping’s report at the venue, i was choked up with emotions and extremely excited! as a front-line scientific and technological worker in shougang, i feel extreme proud and honored to have participated in this grand event of milestone significance in the development history of our party! shouldering the great trust of shougang party organizations at all levels and carrying the expectations of all shougang people, i felt that the mission was arduous and the responsibility great.”

zingler jizigle gave an in-depth lecture in simple words. she said, “after listening to the report made by general secretary xi jinping, i deeply felt that our motherland has made historic achievements and undergone historic changes during this splendid decade of struggling in the cause of the party and state in the new era. the grand goals and lofty feelings of a great power and a great party were revealed everywhere between the lines of the report. a series of significant theoretical and practical issues in upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era were profoundly explained, a grand blueprint for building a socialist modernized country in an all-round way and comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation was depicted, and the way forward was pointed out and an action guide established for the development of the cause of the party and country on this new journey in this new era towards the realization of the second centenary goal. after listening to the report, i felt choked up with emotion and sincerely proud that our party is a great political party.”

on october 24th, zingler jizigle preached the spirit of the 20th cpc national congress to the cadres and workers around her at the symposium of the institute of technology.

talking about the scientific and technological innovation contents in the report, zingler jizigle was particularly impressed. she said that general secretary xi jinping attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation. in the first decade of the new era in china, breakthroughs have been achieved many key core technologies, strategic emerging industries have grown and developed, and great achievements have been made in manned spaceflight, lunar exploration and mars exploration, deep sea and deep ground exploration, nuclear power technology and large aircraft manufacturing, with china entering the ranks of innovative countries. many materials made by shougang have been applied to these 'heavy weapons of a great power'. as a scientific and technological worker of shougang, she knows deeply that such innovations are hard-won. at this point, zingler jizigle said excitedly, “at the beijing group discussion, i showed the participating representatives shougang's 5g steel in the shape of postcards, which made everyone feel the strength of shougang’s scientific research and manufacturing level, and also received widespread attention in the media and on the internet. i’m particularly proud that our products have won universal recognition, while strengthening my confidence and determination to continue to overcome difficulties.”

zingler jizigle added, “i shall continue to keep close contact with the reality and do a good job in face-to-face and zero-distance interactive lectures with grassroots frontline cadres and workers, thereby stimulating everyone's passion for starting a business and striving for progress. at the same time, i need to keep a foothold at my scientific research post, take the spirit of the 20th cpc national congress as a powerful driving force, lead my team to forge ahead, climb the peak bravely and continue to carry out low-carbon technology r&d in depth, ultimately making greater contributions to the green development of shougang and the steel industry, and the realization of the national peak carbon and carbon neutrality goals.”

participants in the training class for young and middle-aged leaders of shougang successively said that zingler jizigle’s speech was clear in context and easy to understand, with both theoretical exposition and vivid examples combined with shougang's reality. everyone was deeply moved and unanimously agreed that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th cpc national congress, effectively turn the learning results into working motivation, and contribute to the high-quality development of shougang.

the cadres and workers of the institute of technology said, “after listening to what zingler jizigle preached, we felt as though we had been there, experienced the solemn atmosphere of the 20th national congress and gained a deeper understanding and comprehension of the report. we should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th cpc national congress, effectively turn the learning results into work motivation, implement the various work requirements of the group and institute of technology, aim to reduce costs, improve quality and increase efficiency, and constantly promote technological leadership to become the core competitiveness of shougang.”

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