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shougang employees actively donate blood to convey love and power

release time:2022-11-21 16:33:34

recently, according to the unified arrangements of sasac, the shougang group organized a voluntary blood donation to which the majority of cadres and workers responded positively and signed up enthusiastically. in this event, 101 employees from various units in beijing donated blood, with total blood donations of 21,600 ml. next, more than 120 people will be organized for voluntary blood donation in order to convey the love and power of shougang employees.

to ensure the orderly development of this event, the group administration center, as the leading unit, coordinated and communicated with the beijing red cross blood center, arranged specially assigned persons to collect blood at the designated site and coordinated all units to smoothly carry out the blood donation. on-site staff organized the blood donors of each unit to donate blood in batches according to the set timeframe. guided by the on-site staff, the blood donors carefully filled in the “donor health consultation form”, measured their blood pressure, took blood tests and donated blood after passing the tests. the scene was orderly and methodical, and blood conveying love was transmitted from their bodies to blood storage bags, gathering the warm love and power of shougang employees.

yang xuan, an employee of the sgit network management center, said that she volunteered to donate blood when she was in college, so she did not hesitate to sign up after receiving the blood donation notice this time. voluntary blood donation is the obligation and responsibility of every citizen, and also a loving act of caring for others and giving back to society. in the future, she will engage in charity and volunteer her services more often.

ding yuan, an employee of shougang group finance co., ltd., said that as a young party member, it was quite meaningful for him to set an example, establish a pioneer image, be a model of dedication and participate in this voluntary blood donation.


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