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shuigang successfully develops hrb600 rebar to realize project sales

release time:2022-09-15 14:34:17

on august 8th, in the finished product center warehouse of shougang shuicheng iron & steel (group) co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “shuigang”), three trucks loaded with shuigang’s hrb600 rebar set off for phase i of the changsha rail transit line 7 project in hunan province. this is the first time that the hrb600 rebar independently developed by shuigang has achieved project sales, which marks a solid step in promoting the transformation and development of the enterprise with new products.

hrb600 rebar, a five-grade anti-seismic steel, is the highest strength grade mark of hot-rolled ribbed steel bars at present. as a new generation of constructional steel, hrb600 rebar has such characteristics as high strength, good plasticity and excellent earthquake resistance, can meet the needs of high-rise buildings, super high-rise buildings and large frame structures for high-strength and large-size rebars, and is widely used in high-rise and complex buildings, long-span bridges, national key projects and so on. compared with hrb400 and hrb500, hrb600 steel bars can save 44.4% and 19.5% of steel consumption respectively, which is of great significance for reducing cost, saving energy and improving the safety of building structures.

in recent years, shuigang has attached great importance to new product development, technological innovation and process innovation. with the help of experts from the shougang research institute of technology, it has organized the functional departments of technical management and production units to tackle key problems in optimizing and expanding the product system, improving technology and improving product quality, successfully developed hrb600 rebar with its yield strength, tensile strength, elongation after fracture, metallographic structure, bending properties, earthquake-resistance performance and other indicators fully meeting the requirements of the national standard, and improved the market competitiveness of its steel products. in august this year, shuigang and lenggang wuhan industry and trade co., ltd. reached a cooperation agreement and signed a sales contract for hrb600 rebar, which opened the door for shuigang's high-strength rebar to hit the market and realize project sales for the first time.

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