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shougang group named “excellent organization unit” and wen xinli named “top ten preacher” at capital state-owned enterprise staff preaching competitio

release time:2022-08-31 14:36:23

recently, beijing sasac’s 2022 capital state-owned enterprise staff preaching competition, themed “we’ll make china strong”, came to a successful conclusion. the shougang group was named “excellent organization unit” and wen xinli, employee of the shougang beiye company, was named “top ten preacher” for his outstanding achievements.

according to the requirements of the publicity department of the municipal committee and municipal academy of social sciences, and in accordance with the ideas of “unified arrangement and consideration, stratification and concentration, and integrity and innovation” across the city, this preaching contest vigorously carried forward the great spirit of party building; highlighted and displayed the historic achievements and changes that the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping as the core have made in promoting the cause of the party and state since the 18th cpc national congress; publicized and displayed the new achievements and new look of the reform and development of capital state-owned enterprises in the new era; gathered great strength to write the beijing chapter of chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation; and welcomed the smooth convening of the 20th cpc national congress with full confidence.

to prepare for the competition, the publicity department of the shougang party committee organized all units to carry out online and offline preaching activities themed “the story of shougang people” in various forms. on the basis of actively finding advanced models, it arranged a special person to take charge, coordinated all units in the beijing-hebei region to recommend candidates for the competition according to the competition requirements, held a pre-competition training meeting and invited jiang jinyu, the “top ten preacher” of the 2020 capital state-owned enterprise staff preaching competition, to undertake “one-to-one” coaching. the equity company and beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. coordinated and arranged the daily work of candidates in advance, guided and revised preaching scripts and ppt materials throughout the process, strengthened the pre-competition training and further improved the employees’ preaching skills. on the premise of excelling in their positions, two shougang contestants, han dong and wen xinli, strived to prepare for the competition, focused on every detail, made every effort to give good presentations and fully demonstrated the high-spirited style of shougang’s cadres and workers in the new era.

during the competition, all units actively forwarded the live streaming channel, organized cadres and workers to listen and watch together in real time, encouraged everyone to pursue excellence and praised and cheered the contestants.

this competition was held in the form of contestants participating offline and viewers watching the live stream online. after two days of fierce competition, the “top ten preachers” were selected from among 79 contestants from 46 units of the beijing sasac system.

after the competition, wen xinli joined the themed preaching group of the sasac system, participated in centralized research and lecture activities in beijing, and showed the positive spirit of capital state-owned enterprises to all industries in the city.

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