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shougang gases named “specialized, refined, characteristic and novel” sme in beijing

release time:2022-11-07 14:32:56

recently, the beijing municipal bureau of economy and information technology awarded beijing shougang gases co., ltd. the certificate and plaque of a “specialized, refined, characteristic and novel” sme in beijing.

in recent years, in accordance with recognized management methods and standards, and combined with the enterprise reality and industry characteristics, shougang gases has further strengthened its management and capital investment in technological innovation, scientific and technological r&d, achievement transformation, new technology, new product services, etc., and improved and developed in product r&d, intellectual property rights, innovation ability, market development, management level, etc. first, it focuses on its core business of providing components and supporting products and services for large enterprises and major projects and industrial chains; that is, it focuses on the “one industry three places” steel smelting of shougang to effectively undertake gas production, service and cooperative supply, and successfully fulfills the cold rolling service guarantee of the jingtang company, qian’an iron and steel co., ltd. and shougang group. by adhering to the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise and giving full play to its professional expertise, shougang gases cooperates with the lanzhou institute of physics, cast to develop and produce domestic ultra-pure xenon gas that meets aerospace standards and is used in the scientific research project of aerospace electric propulsion technology, thereby filling the gap in china’s aerospace-grade high-purity gases, realizing the replacement of imported gases and contributing shougang’s strength to building the nation’s heavy equipment. second, it carries out refined production, management and services to win its positive reputation among users. in view of the covid-19 epidemic, it strengthened the production management of medical oxygen and strictly checked and ensured the production, quality inspection, canned delivery and transportation in liquid oxygen tanks to hospitals. in the past two years, there have been no quality objections raised about its medical oxygen products, and its market share of medical oxygen products in beijing achieved a new breakthrough. third, it uses its characteristic product resources to serve national chip r&d and manufacturing. its rare gas products such as neon, helium, krypton and xenon are widely used in high-tech industries such as microelectronics, aerospace, bioengineering, new materials, precision metallurgy, environmental science, etc., and are listed as national strategic materials for “choking” projects. in recent years, shougang gases has made full use of its characteristic gas resources to strengthen its cooperation with chip manufacturers and chip material suppliers such as yangtze memory and spectrum materials in rare gas supply, thereby making positive contributions to effectively solving the embargo on rare gas supply in western countries and accelerating china’s independent r&d of high-end chips. fourth, it increases its scientific and technological innovation input, optimizes its system of scientific and technological innovation, promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and sticks to the road to becoming a “specialized, refined, characteristic and novel” sme. in 2020, the company increased its r&d efforts and successively obtained 12 utility model patents, including one for a xenon cryogenic bottle vaporizing device. in march 2022, the company obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate, and its two products, a high-purity liquid oxygen preparation using the gas cryogenic method and a new fuel hydrogen, were awarded the beijing new technology and new product (service) certificate.

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