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varied contents and highlights of ciftis exhibition area in shougang park

release time:2022-09-15 09:44:25

after the opening of the 2022 china international fair for trade in services (ciftis), thematic exhibitions such as culture & tourism services, hygiene & health services, education services, supply chain & business services, sports services, financial services, telecommunications, computer & information services and engineering consulting & construction services appeared in shougang park. the unique ciftis venue in shougang park brought new experiences to guests from all over the world.

the autumn wind is gradually becoming refreshing. a number of exhibition halls stand quietly at the ciftis venue in shougang park, surrounded by many old industrial buildings. with old factories and new exhibition halls with a sense of science and technology, the ciftis venue presents a visual impact of industrial style and modern fashion.

as one of the thematic exhibitions of this ciftis, the thematic exhibition on culture & tourism services will be presented in hall 1 and hall 2 of shougang park. through exhibitions, forum activities, results release, promotion and negotiation, etc., the latest measures and achievements of beijing in promoting the high-quality development of the culture and tourism industry and promoting cultural service trade will be displayed. integration and crossover will be the highlight of cultural and tourism services.

hall 3 presents the thematic exhibition on hygiene & health services, and will hold special exhibitions, summit forums, professional conferences, etc. focusing on five sections including public health and epidemic prevention, it will focus on high-quality development achievements in hygiene and health services such as smart senior care, and organize a series of activities such as new achievements release, contract negotiation and trade promotion.

scan and download the regional guide map of ciftis in shougang park.

hall 4 presents the thematic exhibition on education services. themed “high-quality education leading the future”, it has the three exhibition areas of “exchange and cooperation for win-win results”, “technology energizing education” and “public welfare assisting education”. at present, it has attracted more than 60 famous domestic and overseas education institutions, such as international educational groups (institutions), well-known chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools, international schools, two-way overseas study institutions, educational technology enterprises and educational non-profit organizations to sign up for the exhibition, thereby pooling superior china-foreign educational resources and sharing the new technologies and new achievements of education services trade with the rest of the world.

hall 5 presents the thematic exhibition on supply chain & business services. themed “more availability of supply chain services, greater focus on high-end business services”, it will create a platform for wider opening-up, deeper cooperation and high-quality development in supply chain and business services, and highlight the brand images and innovations of high-end business service providers at home and abroad. four special areas, namely business services, franchise services, supply chain and transport services, and international consumption center city construction, show outstanding achievements in professional fields.

the thematic exhibition on sports services is presented in hall 6, hall 7, hall 14 and hall 15. themed “sports invigorate the city” with the goal of “promoting the matchmaking and cooperation of the sports services trade and building a communication bridge for the international sports industry”, it will set up exhibitions, forums, matchmaking meetings and supporting activities around the four highlights of “internationalization, professionalization, marketization and technologization”. it is divided into nine major categories of sports services and eight sub-exhibitions, namely international sports services, olympic achievement promotion services, sports event services, sports consumption services, smart sports services, sports integration services, fitness for all services and outdoor life services. 

the thematic exhibition on financial services is presented in hall 8 and hall 9. themed “opening-up and integration for a green future”, it will be divided into finance big power, finance opening up, finance digital economy, finance people's livelihood, finance low carbon cycle and finance reform and innovation. with exhibitions and displays, fintech digital life experience week, forum summits, business talks and exchanges, project signing, “finance for people's livelihood” and other activities, the development achievements that china's financial sector has made by expanding its opening-up and deepening its reform and innovation will be displayed in an all-round way.

the thematic exhibition on telecommunications, computer & information services is presented in hall 10 and hall 11. hall 11 presents communications & digital technology, where the three exhibition areas of communication technology, digital technology and information services are set up. the leading achievements of telecom enterprises such as china mobile, china telecom and china unicom, major digital economy enterprises such as lenovo and major industrial internet enterprises such as kyland will be displayed. hall 10 will become the first “world-class scenario-oriented metaverse experience hall” of nearly 10,000 m2. focusing on innovation release, digital art, games and leisure, popular science education, etc., the hall will set up themed scenarios such as “origin of wisdom”, “folding of civilization”, “inception of dreams” and “mirror of nature” to build a world-leading exhibition center of metaverse technology development iteration and scenario application.

hall 12 presents the thematic exhibition on engineering consulting and construction services. themed “intelligent construction for a green and low carbon future”, it not only shows the world the high-quality development achievements of china's construction industry, but also brings the audience an immersive digital construction experience. the thematic exhibition on engineering and construction will set up four thematic areas, namely the construction industry exhibition area, engineering consultation and education research area, construction service area and digital intelligence technology area. the key words “green” and “intelligent construction” will be fully displayed in the four exhibition areas. in addition, the achievement highlights of previous and current ciftis events will be specially displayed in the innovative service exhibition hall of hall 13.

—— carefully organize, optimize and upgrade to create version 2.0 of ciftis.

this year, shougang park further utilized the dust removal on the coke side of the industrial remains, air compressor room and renovation of the buffer room to add four new multi-functional spaces in three places, increasing the number of conference rooms to 17; it can now accommodate more than 6,000 people at the same time for events and conferences, providing multiple types of activity places and further improving the utilization of space. 2,336 m2 of paved roads have been added to the ciftis area; a 12,000 m2 walkable lawn has been added between the two open halls, and 6,515 m2 of decorated lawns have been added at the seven main landscape nodes. the number of ferry lines in the park has been increased to two, and the waiting interval has been greatly shortened. the catering service has also been upgraded to a multi-type cooperative service mode of “social catering area centralized catering area retail catering truck”. this year, more than ten specialty restaurants have been added to shougang park, with more than 50 catering units opening, meaning that all kinds of catering and dining places in shougang park have increased to 116. at the same time, it can accommodate 13,000 people, and the total supply can reach more than 30,000, basically meeting the needs of all kinds of personnel in the park. the scope of the ciftis security line in the park has been reduced from the original area of 930,000 m2 and 6.8 km to 430,000 m2 and 4 km. aside from closed areas, they are all open to the public, which will greatly reduce the impact on social traffic. on the basis of last year's north login hall and south login hall, the new northwest login hall and southwest login hall have been added for the entrance and exit of personnel in closed areas. the number of parking spaces in the various parking lots in the park has reached about 7,000, and ferry routes inside and outside the park have been added. the special ferry line from gucheng to ergaolu nanlu has been opened. at the same time, guide signs inside and outside the park have been added and electronic maps launched at key points. a series of service improvements will bring the audience a more convenient and comfortable experience.

——deepen urban renewal and industrial transformation, and do well in “exhibition ”.

summit forums will be held during this ciftis, including the main forum of “together for a shared future”, “overseas chinese wisdom for a creative future” - qiaomengyuan beijing forum, the international forum of “emerging urban sports industry and urban renewal”, “opening-up and integration for a green future”- china international finance annual forum 2022, “shijingshan urban renewal and industry transformation forum 2022”, “meet shougang, foresee the future” - shougang park investment channel promotion meeting, “chain and digitization light up a better life” - the first china life service industry development conference, etc. exhibitions include the thematic exhibition on culture & tourism services - “beijing west blessed place dual olympic district, new landmark for urban renewal”, thematic exhibition on sports services - “shijingshan dual olympic district”, etc. supporting activities include cifit, shijingshan living room, business investigation line, “metaverse” consumption activities, flash show, etc.

in 2022, the ciftis venue in shougang park has been renewed and upgraded, and the park has focused on renovation, functions and vitality improvement. ciftis version 2.0 optimizes the overall environment and atmosphere layout of the ciftis venue, and creates more landscape must-visits in combination with the various winter olympic heritage sites in the park, creating a unique exhibition experience for all types of ciftis activities.

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