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tourists praise shougang park on ciftis public open day

release time:2022-09-15 09:46:32

september 3rd was the first public open day of the china (beijing) international fair for trade in services (ciftis). at 9:00 a.m., a large number of citizens visited xinshougang (shougang park) on beijing subway line 11. they all went around the fair and enjoyed the event.

with the footsteps of tourists out of xinshougang (shougang park), the magnificent xinshougang bridge was instantly eye-catching, entrancing and refreshing under the soaring sky. fifty meters ahead, the settlement-style venue gradually came into view and the festival atmosphere wafted by.

“i came here from gucheng on subway line 1 by ferry bus. i see that there are many ferry buses in the park. the service guarantee is very thoughtful! i’ve been to shougang park before and visited the no. 3 blast furnace, which was amazing. i heard that the ciftis special exhibition is located in shougang park, so i looked forward to seeing it!” mr. zhao, who had just entered the ticket gate, said excitedly.

in the ciftis exhibition area, the cool weather did not reduce the warm atmosphere inside the hall. the creative collectibles, cross-border e-commerce, digital economy, green and low-carbon and other featured exhibits were dazzling. citizens were immersed in interactive experiences, eager to communicate and talk, and purchasing their favorite items. the scene was quite lively.

meanwhile, the atmosphere outside the hall was equally enthusiastic. the food street beside the coke oven attracted a large crowd. tourists tasted a variety of delicacies while enjoying the unique “industrial” scenery. it was very beautiful. “last year, i was a volunteer of ciftis. this year i’m very excited to be here again as a tourist. this ciftis is different from last year’s. the scale is bigger, the display content is richer and the grass is greener. it’s more like a vacation than an exhibition. it makes people feel particularly comfortable,” ms. wu said.

also popular among visitors were the various characteristic landmarks in shougang park. there was a steady stream of people taking photos in front of dongmen square of shougang factory, no. 3 blast furnace, big air shougang and qunming lake. ms. liu said, “i brought my child to ciftis. i was worried that he would be bored. i didn’t expect that this ciftis would be full of science and technology. my child was particularly interested in it. for example, the 3d famous painting exhibition in metaverse hall, the world’s most advanced snowmaking technology at the winter olympics and other high-tech product exhibitions, my child stopped to watch for a long time. from ciftis to no. 3 blast furnace, my child especially took a look at the industrial “big guy”. shougang park has so many scenic spots to visit. the transportation is also very convenient. the industrial heritage combines culture, olympics, science and technology and other elements. it’s not only very cool for children, but also especially attractive for adults. i’ll often bring my child to play in shougang park.”

“because of the competitions at big air shougang during the winter olympics, i learned about shougang park and the relocation of shougang due to the 2008 beijing olympics, which makes me admire shougang even more. during this visit, i realized that the blast furnaces, chimneys and old factories are interwoven with the winter olympics facilities, ciftis venue and “chang’an mills” in the park. this scenery is appropriate and has a strong visual impact. it not only represents the transformation and development of shougang, but also the transformation and development of china’s traditional industries. they’re everlasting and keep up with the times. shougang park deserves more people to visit and have a look.” mr. fu said.

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