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jingtang honored as 2021 “excellent supplier” by cimc

release time:2022-10-08 16:51:23

recently, china international marine containers (group) co., ltd. held a supplier meeting and awarded shougang jingtang the honorary title of 2021 “excellent supplier”.

at the beginning of 2021, jingtang’s container contract volume increased significantly. to ensure contract delivery, the jingtang hot rolling production, marketing & research project team dug deep into the production line manufacturing capacity to improve its efficiency, and made great breakthroughs in the output, quality and benefits of container plates. by exchanging the leveling raw materials in stages i and ii, the uneven supply of such materials in these stages has been solved, full production on the leveling line has been realized to the maximum extent, a breakthrough has been made in the rolling thinning ability, and the user yield has been greatly increased. meanwhile, the sales management department cooperated closely with the manufacturing department, hot rolling department, steel rolling operation department, etc. to assemble a container plate supply team. the planning, production, logistics and other links cooperated efficiently, opened up a green channel to ensure the supply, optimized production planning and scheduling at any time according to users’ demands for goods, strictly observed the delivery date and promptly solved related problems for users, thereby winning the high recognition of cimc.

with the continuous changes in the container transport market and the improvement of container technology, the demand for more diversified, green and intelligent containers will increase in the future. facing both opportunities and challenges, jingtang will always focus on its customers, work earnestly to provide them with stable and high-quality products, a leading product yield rate and high-quality services, fully display its “manufacturing service” brand image and help the container industry to become stable and far-reaching.

cimc, the world’s leading logistics equipment supplier, is committed to promoting “safe, green, intelligent and environmentally friendly” container products. since 1996, its container production and sales have been leading in the world. cimc is an essential strategic customer of jingtang, and the two have cooperated extensively in such fields as container plates, high-strength automotive structural steel, etc.

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