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another new member added to jingtang’s “5g steel” extremely thin series

release time:2022-08-26 14:03:10

lately, steel with an ultra-thin specification of 0.07 mm was successfully rolled on the annealing line of cold-rolling covers at jingtang. the rolling exceeded the design limit of the equipment by 42%, adding another new member to the “5g steel” extremely thin series.

“thinning and high strength” is the ultimate pursuit of the “5g steel” extremely thin series. with acid-rolled cold hard coil as the raw material, this product is rolled with a double-stand four-roller temper mill, the shape of the strip steel plate is fully controlled and all the various technical indexes meet the design requirements, indicating that the manufacturing capacity of jingtang’s products has reached a new level.

the production of ultra-thin products has always been one of the technical difficulties of conventional leveling units. due to the large compression ratio of thin products, it is difficult to control the shape, problems such as deviation, ribbing and even strip breaking in the rolling process can easily arise, and there are strict requirements for the process system, automatic control and accuracy of functions at the equipment and operation levels. jingtang continues to promote the technological innovation and optimization of its product structure, decomposes objectives and tasks layer by layer, and formulates specific implementation plans to ensure the realization of its technical goals.

in order to break through the design barriers and ensure successful trial production, jingtang organized professionals in charge of equipment, production, processes, etc. to form a technical research team, and optimized the production organization, process adjustment, mode selection, equipment accuracy and other aspects in combination with its previous production technology experience in extremely thin products. a degreasing unit was adopted to overcome problems that can easily occur such as deviation and wrinkling based on optimizing welding parameters to ensure welding quality. in the actual rolling process, the rolling force, tension and control mode were accurately adjusted in the leveling unit, ensuring the stability of the strip rolling operation. the abnormal contact problem at the edge of the roll was perfectly solved and the stable production of products was realized by adjusting the roll-bending force and other measures.

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