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shougang holding’s electrical steel polishes green high-end gold-lettered signboard

release time:2022-08-26 15:01:17

shougang holding’s electrical steel polishes green high-end gold-lettered signboard

on june 13th, cctv’s morning news broadcast a documentary on shougang holding’s green energy-saving and low-carbon development entitled subtraction in addition and subtraction of “green china”, “saving” energy in technical innovation to help reduce consumption, and cctv news broadcast accelerating the green transformation of china’s manufacturing industry. cctv’s heavy focus twice on the same day showed the full affirmation of shougang holding’s adherence to green manufacturing and low-carbon development by people from all walks of life.

shougang holding is a large-scale high-quality steel product base which was first established and built by shougang after relocation and adjustment. as the first iron and steel enterprise in china to realize ultra-low emissions throughout the whole process, actively promote ultra-low emission and management experience and technology, and take “green development” as its core strategy, its goal in green environmental protection is to lead the green future, set a benchmark for the industry and create conditions for the downstream through strict requirements for itself. as the main bearing platform of electrical steel, one of shougang’s three strategic products, shougang holding’s zhixin electromagnetic corporation practices the strategies of “green manufacturing and low-carbon development” and “high-end quality products”, impresses customers with its sincerity, wins the market with services, consolidates friendships with products, seizes opportunities with actions and realizes “manufacturing services” in the extreme. with first-class services and first-class products, it has won the trust of customers and made breakthroughs in the increasingly competitive new energy product market. its sales volume of special electrical steel for new energy vehicles has continued to increase substantially and the market of its high-end products has been continuously consolidated.

zhixin electromagnetic corporation adheres to the high-end quality product strategy and hones a leading edge in technology. according to the personalized requirements of new energy vehicle customers, it keeps pace with the forefront of industrial technology development and creates competitive products. in 2020, 35swys900, a high-strength series product, was launched in the world, filling the gap in shougang’s products and enhancing their competitiveness in the new energy industry. in 2021, 20sw1200h, a high-strength and low-iron-loss product, was launched in the world, in which both magnetic properties and mechanical properties were taken into consideration. the developed electrical steel products and technologies for new energy vehicles have been appraised by the chinese society for metals as reaching the international leading level for achievements.

in order to better serve the development of the industrial chain, shougang holding took the lead in building the only new energy vehicle drive motor laboratory in the steel industry with the ability and qualifications to test the performance of new energy drive motors, passed cnas certification and built a development platform integrating motor design, simulation, prototype manufacturing and performance testing. it systematically studies the influence of various parameters on the performance of motors in the process of material selection, processing and manufacturing, and drive motor testing, and provides guidance for users in material selection and design.

to date, the non-oriented electrical steel for new energy vehicles of zhixin electromagnetic corporation has formed a special product system of five series and 23 trademarks. its products have been widely used by 46 new energy vehicle industry chain enterprises covering independent, german, japanese and american automobile brands, and steadily supplied to six new energy vehicle enterprises among the top 10 for sales volume in the world and nine among the top 10 for sales volume in china. one in three new energy vehicles in china adopts products manufactured by shougang electrical steel.

zhixin electromagnetic corporation resonates with the industrial chain at the same frequency and improves the ability of the market to guarantee the supply. in the past two years, the market demand for new energy vehicles has been continuously rising, which has led to a substantial increase in the market demand for special electrical steel for such vehicles. zhixin electromagnetic corporation adheres to the market-oriented and customer-centered principle, accelerates the pace of its product structure adjustment, improves the efficiency of its production line through a series of management and technological innovations, rapidly increases its output of new energy products and effectively guarantees market demand. in 2021, its sales volume of new energy products increased by 230% on year-on-year basis, and its sales volume of new energy products increased by 160% on year-on-year basis in the first five months of this year.

since the beginning of 2022, zhixin electromagnetic corporation has continuously consolidated its leading position in the industry and continuously improved its market supply of new energy products. it keeps a close eye on market changes, takes advantage of the integration of production, marketing and research, focuses on goals to realize orders, strengthens the improvement of its manufacturing capacity, optimizes its production scheduling, improves the utilization rate of its production line and maximizes its production capacity. it has established a three-level order coordination mode of monthly meeting, weekly meeting and daily communication on production, marketing, technology and quality, and realized a flat and rapid response mechanism from customer demand to production organization. it has established a delivery tracking mechanism for key customers, broken from its inherent production organization mode, realized planned production from the hot rolling zone to the cold zone, and among different units in the cold zone, and reduced the manufacturing cycle. in april, it guaranteed the product supply to a key new energy customer, taking only 18 days from receiving the customer’s request to delivery of products to the sales warehouse, which represented a great reduction of 17 days over the normal manufacturing cycle and set a new record in guaranteed production and delivery.

zhixin electromagnetic corporation strengthens its coordination in tackling key problems throughout the whole process and comprehensively improves the manufacturing capacity of its steelmaking and hot rolling processes according to the high requirements for diverse varieties and specifications of new energy orders. it realizes the on-line width adjustment of steelmaking for high-grade products, improves its number of continuous casting furnaces and continuous casting capacity of different steel grades, optimizes the hot rolling process of its high-grade products and meets the diverse product requirements of new energy customers. it focuses on bottleneck units and problems, and vigorously carries out technical research. in light of the demanding quality requirements of new energy products on the edge of raw material supply and the need for trimming, it carries out key research in such aspects as plan management, trimming quality, capacity balance, etc., breaks through the bottleneck of trimming, realizes the multi-unit coverage of key varieties and ensures the cash rate of high-end products. its normalized pickling unit, 20-roller unit, acid rolling unit, continuous annealing unit and shearing unit cooperated on tackling key problems in improving the manufacturing capacity of high-end products, which significantly improved the operation efficiency of the production lines and greatly enhanced the manufacturing capacity of low-cost high-end products, providing solid support for the substantial increment of its new energy products. while fully improving the operation efficiency of the existing production line, the company accelerated the construction of its new production lines and ensured the steady construction progress of its special electrical steel project for new energy vehicles as planned. it is expected that the production conditions will be met by the end of june this year when the supply capacity of new energy products will be greatly improved.

zhixin electromagnetic corporation practices the concept of precise services and wins the market with extremely targeted services. its special electrical steel for new energy vehicles has such characteristics as a complex production process, high performance requirements and strong technical barriers, which introduce such challenges as a difficulty in developing customers, long product certification cycle and tedious testing processes. many well-known iron and steel enterprises at home and abroad are making every effort to promote the development of the new energy market. zhixin electromagnetic corporation insists on the customer-centered principle, continuously deepens “manufacturing service” and wins customers’ trust with its first-class products and services. every new energy vehicle project has a mass production cycle of 2–5 years, which forms the basis of shougang’s new energy product orders and the premise of establishing and consolidating its sales channels. facing every hard-won opportunity to promote shougang’s products, zhixin electromagnetic’s new energy team takes the initiative and misses no opportunity.

during the covid-19 outbreak, zhixin electromagnetic corporation arranged bundling and sampling for more than 15 customers, and mailed more than six brands and over 100 groups of samples. the production and marketing team tried every means to overcome the impact of the epidemic situation, break through the barriers of logistics and transportation, establish an emergency coordination mechanism twice a day, and flexibly use logistics modes such as automobile, rail, sea and air transportation, effectively guaranteeing the safety of customers’ materials during the outbreak. on april 21st, a key new energy customer urgently needed 300 tons of materials to be shipped. at that time, the epidemic situation in qian’an was severe and the control measures were extremely strict. zhixin electromagnetic corporation responded quickly and customized its emergency transportation plan. it took just a single day to coordinate the loading of 300 tons of steel coils, which ensured the smooth use of the materials by the customer and further stabilized shougang’s competitively advantageous position in the customer’s opinion.

when a leading enterprise was developing a next generation project, the new energy team organized 20 laboratory improvement schemes more than five times in just two months, for which professional and technical personnel completed more than 1,000 index tests, and screened out three technical schemes, completely surpassing the company’s competitors in terms of technical indicators. in the middle ten days of april, the epidemic situation in tangshan and qian’an was tense, and domestic and international transportation faced many difficulties. in order to seize the opportunity of certification and deliver the certified samples in time, zhixin electromagnetic corporation broke from its normal routine and sent 20 tons of materials to the slitting factory for slitting and packaging, then delivered the certified samples on schedule by air transportation. when the customer’s staff saw the materials delivered by shougang, they could not help but marvel, “shougang’s speed is so fast! although the news was received late, the arrival time was earlier than that of other manufacturers. it arrived in less than ten days, which is incredible.” in light of the fact that shougang’s samples passed the tests and the sample coils arrived earlier than those of other steel enterprises, shougang finally won the trial opportunity for this new project.

in deepening its cooperation with one high-end customer after another, shougang’s popularity in the new energy industry has greatly improved and its brand benefits have been continuously highlighted. a few days ago, many new energy vehicle companies actively contacted zhixin electromagnetic to conduct new product experiments, and main engine factories and electric engine factories in europe contacted shougang with inquiries even more frequently.

the praise of shougang’s customers for its products and services is the result of efficient coordination among its technology, marketing, production and service departments, and is earned accumulatively through the efforts of each employee at every factory site, user site and market site. new energy vehicles are in a critical period of rapid development, making this the best time for shougang new energy electrical steel to establish its brand and improve its industry influence. zhixin electromagnetic corporation will unswervingly take the market as the guide and customers as the focus, continuously improve the comprehensive competitiveness of its products and services, seize every opportunity to promote shougang’s products, complete every task with extreme diligence, seize opportunities, win trust, demonstrate shougang’s speed and responsibility, and constantly polish its green high-end gold-lettered signboard.

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