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shoucheng holdings customizes “new complex” for li auto

release time:2022-08-16 15:18:12

the li auto industrial park phase ii project (“li auto phase ii”), planned and designed by shoucheng holdings, was recently commenced in the airport block of shunyi park in zhongguancun. li auto phase ii covers a total area of 58,600 m2 and is expected to be put into use by the end of 2023. upon completion, it will become another “new complex” integrating office work and technical r&d for the li auto headquarters.

founded in july 2015, li auto is a chinese new energy high-end smart car manufacturer integrating design, r&d, manufacturing and sales. in november 2020, the li auto headquarters was officially put into use in shunyi park, zhongguancun; in october 2021, the construction of the li auto beijing green intelligent plant was commenced in shunyi; as the “hub” of the brand’s green intelligent plant, the industrial r&d office center of li auto phase ii has also “settled down”. the organic combination of the two will provide solid support for the development of li auto in beijing. as the flagship listed company of the shougang group in infrastructure and real estate asset management in hong kong, shoucheng holdings has been a firm industrial investor and long-term companion of li auto, and has invested in the automaker three consecutive times.

 “tailor-made measures” help to create high-quality industrial projects. shoucheng holdings will strengthen the agglomeration effect of li auto in r&d, core basic components, autonomous driving, ai, big data, etc., promote the cooperation between upstream and downstream supporting enterprises in the industrial chain, and help shunyi district to integrate and develop the new energy intelligent automobile industrial chain efficiently.

 “scientific customization” provides a green, modern and exclusive space. the customized route opened by shoucheng holdings for li auto phase ii will create a supporting service space that harmonizes with phase i in terms of the mutual linkage of functions, integration of spatial features, interflow of traffic organization, continuation of the landscape environment, etc. li auto phase ii is characterized by energy conservation, environmental protection, modernization, science and technology, and new energy. the building adopts efficient and concise façade elements, with glass curtain wall as main external façade, complemented by aluminum veneer curtain wall, thereby creating a modern, unified and industrialized new energy automobile industry center. meanwhile, it maintains coordination and harmony with the li auto headquarters (status quo) in the south, forming a continuous and unified urban interface, and a friendly and modest urban space, with a positive industrial park atmosphere.

 “refined operation” continues to provide “new” space for growth. through the construction of li auto phase ii, shoucheng holdings has greatly promoted the capitalization of industrial park real estate investment trusts (reits). li auto phase ii can be used as a public offering reit industrial park reserve project, which will improve fund income through output, transformation and the realization of development, construction, operation and management capabilities, and the collection of management fees during the construction period, so as to explore a new income model for fund managers.

according to reports, under the impact of the dual-drive strategy of “efficient infrastructure assets operation center infrastructure real estate fund management”, the infrastructure real estate business of shoucheng holdings adopts the mode of “fund base industry” and grows together with the real industry, which not only brings financial benefits, but also helps to realize the organic combination of industrial operation and asset management, accelerating the commercial closed loop of “asset acquisition/investment and construction – asset cultivation – operational efficiency improvement – asset securitization – capital return”.

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