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over-the-horizon remote drilling of 1354 medium-deep-hole jumbo in mining industry

release time:2022-08-16 15:16:36

can you imagine a ground miner sitting in an “air-conditioned room” hundreds of meters underground, remotely controlling a jumbo drill hundreds of meters away? as the intelligent mine continues, the over-the-horizon remote drilling of the 1354 medium-deep-hole jumbo was realized at xingshan iron mine of shougang mining.

the 1354 medium-deep-hole jumbo, the main equipment for stoping and drilling, was manufactured by epiroc of sweden. it was put into production in 2010, and five units were in use at xingshan iron mine. its control mode has improved in four stages:

stage 1: “wired no room”. from 2010 to september 2017, when drilling, the jumbo and its console were connected by being “wired” at a distance of six or seven meters. when the jumbo drilled upward in the tunnel, the post was very close to the drilling point, and the console was fixed on a simple shelf which was laborious to move.

stage 2: “wireless no room”. from october 2017 to april 2020, after tackling automation projects, the connection mode between the jumbo and its console was changed from “wired” to “wireless”. due to the signal transmission, the two could be about ten meters apart, within the visual range of human sight. this distance was more conducive for the post to observe the drilling point, which improved the safety factor and reduced noise at the site. meanwhile, “wheels” were installed on the original rack supporting the console, which greatly facilitated the movement of the post during operation and created favorable conditions for ensuring drilling quality.

stage 3: “wireless room”. how to improve the on-site working environment and ensure the essential safety of employees has always been the focus of mining companies. in april 2020, referring to the successful experience of closing the scraper cab, xingshan iron mine decided to change the console of the medium-deep-hole jumbo from “open" to "closed”, and specially designed a “little room” with doors and windows, thereby increasing operation safety and significantly reducing noise at the site. the distance between the console and jumbo increased to 15 meters, still within the visual range of human sight. in order to ensure the comfortable operation of the post, an adjustable leather seat and air conditioner were installed, and a dust filter device was installed at the air inlet, removing the need to wear a dust mask during post operation. a microwave oven was also added to allow workers to have hot meals on site. the “little room” still needed to be located at the site because the signal from the console was unstable beyond a range of 15 meters.

stage 4: “over-the-horizon wireless room”. at the beginning of 2022, xingshan iron mine implemented the over-the-horizon remote transformation of the medium-deep-hole jumbo. in order to retain the original control mode and operation habits and functions, and ensure the original control comfort, the technicians of xingshan iron mine and the technical backbone of mazhu studio jointly developed a remote console and vehicle-mounted receiver, installed acquisition units and sensors and a video monitoring system, and programmed the operation system’s item-by-item actions, logical relationships, etc. in this way, the over-the-horizon remote control of the no. 3 1354 medium-deep-hole jumbo was realized step by step until it was no longer limited to within the visual range of human sight. now, its operation can be performed within hundreds of meters wherever the underground network signal covers.

at present, the no. 3 medium-deep-hole jumbo is not required for drilling on site. after a period of remote-control data analysis, the hourly efficiency of the remote-control jumbo was determined to be 18 m, which is basically the same as that of the on-site control jumbo, reaching normal efficiency. thus, the working environment has been greatly improved and essential safety has been ensured.

from wired to wireless, from open-air to an air-conditioned room, from six or seven meters to hundreds of meters, the intelligence level of underground mining has been continuously improved. there is no end to intelligent mine construction. xingshan iron mine is now exploring and developing the function of the automatic loading and unloading of drill rods in a single hole, enabling one person to operate two sets. meanwhile, it will further study centralized remote control on the surface, reduce the number of underground workers and facilitate the construction of intelligent mines.

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