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shougang beiye affirmed as state-level “little giant” enterprise

release time:2022-06-17 13:22:40

lately, the shougang beiye corporation was recognized as a national specialized and innovative “little giant” enterprise by the ministry of industry and information technology. before this, beiye was recognized as a specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprise in beijing city.

the beiye corporation is a high-tech enterprise in the field of new materials, including functional products made of special and high-end metal structural materials. its main products are concentrated in the two major fields of casting high-temperature master alloy and precision alloy, in which it holds a leading position in china. in beiye’s r&d of key materials such as aerospace equipment, next-generation it industry technology, offshore engineering equipment and high-tech ships, domestic gaps have been filled and the substitution of imported materials has been realized. key technologies have been mastered in high-end iron-nickel integrated circuit lead frame materials, high-temperature and high-elasticity alloy strips, high-saturation soft magnetic alloys for high-performance motors in aviation and other metal products, and the performance of its products has reached the advanced level in the world. alloy42 alloy is used for ic lead frames with an annual output of 2,500 tons. it has been domestically made instead of being imported. beiye has become the only enterprise in china with its output ranked second in the world.

at present, the beiye corporation ranks in the forefront in terms of its transformation ability in scientific research achievements, production and sales volume of products in china, and its advanced new metal materials have formed advantages with international competitiveness.

it is understood that “specialized and innovative middle and small-sized enterprises” refers to middle and small-sized enterprises that are specialized, refined and characteristic, and have outstanding innovation ability. the “little giant” enterprises are the leaders among “specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises. they are vanguard enterprises focusing on market segmentation, strong innovation ability and high market share, mastering key core technologies and possessing excellent quality and efficiency. this is the highest-level and most authoritative honorary title in the evaluation of small and medium-sized enterprises in china.

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