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shougang's high-end electrical steel contributes to building a low-carbon society

release time:2022-06-17 13:21:00

on april 7th, the (first) high-end magnetic new materials development forum of 2022 was held at the clothing trade fair stadium in shougang park.

ren jiarong, director of the high-tech department of the ministry of science and technology, delivered a speech, and li xinchuang, party secretary of the metallurgical industry planning and research institute, presided over the forum. it was attended by gan yong, academician and former vice president of the chinese academy of engineering, tian zhiling, executive vice president of the chinese society for metals, guo zhenyan, vice president of the china electrical equipment industry association, gao keli, vice president of the china electric power research institute, and other leaders and experts, as well as zhao tianyang, deputy general manager of the shougang group, and more than 100 experts and representatives from relevant government departments, industry associations, research institutes, industrial chain application enterprises and financial institutions.

the forum was hosted by the zhongguancun stainless and special alloy new material industry technology innovation alliance, undertaken by the shougang and metallurgical industry planning and research institute, and themed “new materials in the low-carbon society: high-end electrical steel”. experts and leaders from governments, associations, societies, financial institutions and other fields respectively made themed reports surrounding the dual-carbon policies and magnetic materials, and in-depth exchanges and discussions were held on macro-policies, technological innovation, user needs, material progress and many other aspects, thereby jointly promoting the popularization of the r&d and application of high-end magnetic materials, and helping china to build and develop a low-carbon society. the forum was held online and offline with more than 2,600 online participants.

the shougang group resolutely implements national strategies, always upholds to the development concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared, and adheres to the high-quality development road of green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, high-quality product manufacturing, lean manufacturing and accurate services so as to contribute steel strength to the realization of peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality. shougang electrical steel adheres to the product positioning of “high-end, high-efficiency, green and environmental” and the concept of “green manufacturing and low-carbon development”, continuously promotes electrical steel technology r&d and product upgrading, insists on thinking about more eco-friendly and energy-saving technological innovations from the two dimensions of its own technological processes and product application terminals, researches and develops greener and more efficient electrical steel products, and provides important basic raw material support for delivering green products in various fields such as green household appliances, green travel and green energy, earning it the high recognition of its customers. non-oriented electrical steel forms a product system of 107 brands in four series, namely general products, high-efficiency products, stress-relieving annealing products and new energy automobile products, with a leading market share in china. non-oriented electrical steel for new energy vehicles forms a special product system of 23 brands in five series which is highly recognized by users of american, japanese, german and domestic high-end passenger cars. new energy automobiles are steadily supplied to five of the top ten in global sales and nine of the top ten in domestic sales. one in every three new energy vehicles in china is made of shougang's electrical steel. the group’s oriented electrical steel ranks in the first echelon of transformer materials in the world, and several indicators have reached the leading level in the world. it won the first prize at the metallurgical science and technology awards. it is widely used in fields such as “double million” uhv transformers and high-efficiency and energy-saving distribution transformers. it has been successfully applied to the huainan-shanghai uhv transmission project, zhangbei-xiong'an uhv transmission project, the first intelligent substation of the china high-speed railway, beijing daxing international airport, olympic winter games venues, hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge and other national key projects, as well as several national power stations and power grid projects along the “belt and road” route in angola, laos and thailand. shougang's high-quality high-magnetic-induction oriented electrical steel accounts for 50% of the supply of main transformers on both sides of baihetan hydropower station, and 70% of the supply of generator transformers in wudongde hydropower station. shougang is one of the few enterprises in the world that can produce high-end oriented electrical steel products of 0.20 mm and below.

during the forum, the participating experts and representatives visited sites such as shougang taolou, big air shougang and the 40 m platform of blast furnace no. 3 to experience the unique charms of shougang park.

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